Eye: Expert Homeopathy



The eye is the most essential organ for a living body. There are many reasons for eye affection, blindness can bring upset in whole life. We ignore the little problem of eyes but it can bring dangerous effect in your life.

Parts of eyes
  1. Conjunctiva
  2. Cornea
  3. Sclera
  4. Anterior Chamber of the eye
  5. Uveal Tract
  6. Lens
  7. Vitreous
  8. Retina

Homeopathic Medicines

Pain in eyesBelladonna 3 twice daily but in severe pain can use one and a half an hour intervals

StyesHepar Sulph 200 one dose in alternate days or Pulsatilla 200 and staphysagria 200both one dose every day

Red-eye Infection/WateringArgentum Nitricum 200 one dose twice daily

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