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The ear is the most important organ in upper and lower animals.

Parts of ear
  1. From external to internal
  2. Pinna
  3. External auditory canal:
  4. Cartilaginous part
  5. Bony part
  6. Tympanic membrane
  7. Middle ear cleft and Eustachian tube
  8. Ossicles
  9. Inner ear

Division of ear
  1. The external ear
  2. The middle ear cleft
  3. The Inner ear

Some ear pathology

Earache: It may be due to local causes in the ear or referred pain from other organs which have the same here supply as ears such as the 5th, 9th, and 10th cranial nerve.

Local cause
  1. Otitis externa
  2. Impacted cerumen
  3. Furuncle of the external ear
  4. Acute otitis media, acute salpingitis, acute mastoiditis
  5. Malignant growth

Referred causes
  1. Dental causes
  2. Tongue lesion
  3. Tonsillar lesion
  4. Ulcer and inflammation of floor of the mouth
  5. Pharyngeal lesions
  6. Nasopharyngeal lesion
  7. Acute maxillary sinusitis

Deafness: Here impairment of hearing. It varies in degree. Deafness is to be thought of in infants, if there is a delay in the development of speech or if there is any speech disorder.

Discharge: It may be watery, thin mucoid, mucopurulent. purulent, foul-smelling, blood-stained, or frank blood

Tinnitus: It is noise in the ear. Different patients complain of different types of noises which as whistling, buzzing, steaming, roaring.

Vertigo: It is the sensation of abnormal movement of the surrounding. This is commonly due to inner ear pathology.

Itchiness: It is usually associated with wax, otitis externa, otomycosis.

Function of ear
  1. Hearing
  2. Maintain balance or equilibrium of the body

Homeopathic treatment

Pain in ears/Pus/Insert Water/Sudden stop of sound – Pulsatilla 30 one dose twice daily

For any surgical issue should go to the health center.

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