Why Homeopathy, we shall consider, for our betterment?

Homeopathy is the best conservative treatment in the world


Why should we take homeopathy treatment is a question mark, not only among common people, but also among every people in the whole world. There are many controversies, yet people come to homeopathy treatment. But why do they take this treatment! They are all fools! If there was no benefit in this homeopathy, why would they come! Millions of people take homeopathy treatment today, and get well soon, proof of that, how many people bring hope to those like us who prescribe single medicine, who are they? If homeopathy could not provide treatment, why would they come? All of you must understand this. Only businessmen give bad name to homeopathy, and deprive common people from treatment. It is totally inappropriate.

Homeopathy cures the disease from within, and the patient is cured. If a patient is not cured of within, the disease re-emerges. For example, if the tree is not cut from the root, then the tree can grow again. I only cut off what was seen, or I gave a medicine that only covered the disease but did not cure the disease, what is the value of that treatment! 

This type of treatment continues to be used worldwide. But people ignore the valuable and hidden reality in the medical system.

Doctors like us who are constantly treating patients, and proving that homeopathy is the only treatment, where diseases are completely eradicated. Not only young diseases, there are many old diseases which doctors of other medical methods promise to cure, but cannot cure. The treatment takes a long time, and wastes both the patient's time and money. They know that it is not possible for them to do the same way as homeopathy cures the patient from the disease. That's why they slander, spread false propaganda, deprive common people and patients from getting proper treatment.

People from 90 percent of the world come to those countries for homeopathy treatment. Why did they come! If there is good treatment in other medical methods in those countries! Homeopathy surely has some special benefit, only then they come. Therefore, if people are deprived of their medical treatment by wrong words, then it will be injustice to people. So from my side this is common people and those who are suffering from disease for many days and years, they take homeopathy treatment. Of course, the homeopath must be a single medicine prescriber. Only case taking treatment can cure chronic diseases.

If a patient is to be cured of his disease, his entire history must be known. Because in that history is the real address of the patient's disease, the real source. So if medicine is given by looking at the external signs without looking at the source of the disease, then the disease will never go away forever.

Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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