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Dr Anutosh Chakraborty

Homeopathy Prescription

Homeopathy is not an easy task. People do think, it is just a pathy with no side effects. But they do not know, homeopathy can change the function of the body as a whole, and that is why it is very harmful than other pathies. After suppression or paliation, the pathology can enter inside the body and may affect the another organ of living body silently, which can arise again by another pathology. But in homeopathy, if do mistake to prescribe the medicine, the pathology not only goes inside, but also derange the function of the body as a whole. Where you can face mental problems as well, and immense to a big problem.

Those prescribers prescribe more than one medicines, they do not do homeopathy, rather they are enemy of mankind.

A physician should prescribe only one medicine or single medicine at a time, except very acute case. If necessary, can change the medicine in next prescription or 2nd prescription.

If you take medicine for a year, that means, the disease is suppressing or Paliating, not healing, and you have to face a big health problem in later. It is applicable for all pathies.

Dr Anutosh Chakraborty

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