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Now let's come to homeopathy is a perfect science?

Dr Anutosh Chakraborty, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

What is the scientific reason for homeopathy medicine? How will this existence be proven? If the homeopathic medicinal substance is not visible or absent after 12C potency, does this mean that the homeopathic medicine does not work? In fact the lower potencies in homeopathy i.e. up to 24x and 12C, certainly contain particles of homeopathic medicine, but above this when converted to higher potencies with alcohol, the medicinal substance is no longer visible. Wanted to do here I apply Brownian motion and Big Bang Theory. And proved it according to my view. I hope you understand...

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Homeopathy is certainly scientific, because of that

Homeopathy cures people's diseases, if it was not scientific, it would have never been cured.

I am talking about the homeopathy medicines which are given from crud like mother tincture (Q), trituration (up to 24X). They are all materialistic, it is proven that the materialistic dose used in them cure diseases. Because the ingredients from which different paths medicines are made, homeopathy is made from those ingredients, those basic ingredients are the ingredients of homeopathy medicine. Then it is not unscientific.

Alcohol is a substance that helps retain old memories for a long time.
Studies have shown that if a person drinks too much alcohol, they lose new long-term memories but retain old long-term memories, and alcohol makes old memories more active. That is, the basic religion of alcohol will be the same in all cases. This means that, after 12C potency, medicinal particles will not be available for medicinal precision, but alcohol will help retain the memory of previous medicinal information. High-potency medicine means, minimum quantity, but more awakening of the energy within the medicine, which is sufficient to make an impression on the weak vital force, this is called the primary action of the medicine on the vital force. Water can also retain memories, but only for a short time. So medicine prepared in water gets expired very quickly.

That is, although no drug particles are seen after 12c potency, but alcohol helps to retain the memory of the drug. Any high-potency drug (above 12C potency), which is later developed, always has some portion of the previous memory alcohol attached to it. As a result, when preparing the next high-potency drug, a certain amount of extrinsic alcohol contains a very small amount of alcohol with previous medicinal memory, which cannot be detected by any instrument. Maybe it can be done in the future, which has not yet discovered that device. But there are small particles of alcohol with medicinal memory, which create an impression on the next certain amount of alcohol. It is so powerful that it easily makes an impression on the vital force of our body through primary action. According to Dr. Hahnemann, it is the least amount but the most powerful, which stimulates the weak vitality and leaves its impression on it.

That is, medicinal alcohol particles become finer and more active when producing the next high-potency drug, but medicinal alcohol particles do not reach the point where they break down and transform into electrons, protons, and neutrons. Because electrons, protons and neutrons can never retain memory. So alcohol with medicinal memory does not lose its fundamental religion.

According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe was created from a single point. So, that memory alcohol particle will probably slowly move towards a point, but not the optimal point, which is infinitely strong. Therefore, as long as the memory of the medicinal alcohol remains, the homeopathic medicine can become stronger.

According to Brownian motion, fluid particles always move randomly. So the medicated alcohol particle is always moving randomly at strong speed, while strengthening the medicine, succussion is required, causing the medicated alcohol particle to increase in speed, then the medicated alcohol particle transmits additional energy or essence to the neighboring non-medicated alcohol particles. The non-medicinal alcohol particles help to retain the essence of that previous medicinal alcohol particle according to the alcohol's own religion, and the whole alcohol is reactivated into the next more potent drug, and by volume becomes a more potent drug overall. Because now the amount of drugs immersed in alcohol is smaller and the Ultra fine medicinal particle is reaching more point in reverse way, probably as per my view. The source of that extra kinetic energy is the application of succussion. 
For instance, the source of primary energy is the Sun, and others around the Sun expand the volume of the solar system and themselves gain momentum by being influenced by the Sun. Such a high potency drug can increase its potency by influencing neighboring particles. The medicine expires when the medicinal memory of the alcohol particles is lost. As this solar system will end one day when the power of the sun will run out

Now let me tell you another special information, no materialistic medicine will work where there is no airflow. For example, if we leave the earth and go to another planet, and if we stand there exposed with no air, it will be found that earth material will not work, but homeopathic potentized medicine will work everywhere in this universe, so homeopathy is probably able to work on any planet except earth. The idea is to do a lot of experiments for this.

If I eat a piece of potato, after three hours I will not find any presence of potato in my body if digestion is good, but the energy of the potato will satisfy my hunger and give me nutrition. So what happens if someone says it's a lie after three hours? Because currently, the energy that is stored in my body is from potatoes. Homeopathy



Crud Medicinal Substance (1 part) + Non-Medicinal Alcohol (99 Part) ======== Medicinal Alcohol (Medicine)

                                                                                            (Impressed by Medicinal Substance)



Medicinal Alcohol (1 part) + Non-Medicinal Alcohol (99 part) ======== Finer Medicinal Alcohol (Medicine)

                                                                                              (Finer impression)


Finer Medicinal Alcohol (1part) + Non-Medicinal Alcohol (99 part)========Finest Medicinal Alcohol (Medicine)



The crud medicinal substance is probably going to a point, if we consider reverse phenomena of Big Bang Theory, which is more powerful and effective. This process should be effective until the crud medicinal particle breaks into ELECTRON, PROTON and NEUTRON.

If we do not see the particle, it does not mean that the particle does not exist, but rather we feel the power and effect of homeopathic medicine under different scales. We will certainly see particles, if science invents instruments capable of finding particles in infinite volume.

If we consider, the sky is a container, and we live in only one galaxy. There may be many galaxies in the entire sky.

When we make the homeopathic medicine in higher dilution, the point particles are like a galaxy in the whole sky. So we have to invent capable devices that we can find.

See on YouTube: https://youtu.be/N_nd7SwYotw


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