What is PCOS | Is it disease? Homeopathy treatment

PCOS and history

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is not something that women worry too much about. This is very normal, and it is seen in many women usually around 200,000 eggs are found in the egg cell over after birth then gradually decreases to four to six with age but in some cases more than four to six to around ten to fifteen. It is called Polycystic Ovarian Disease, and it is genetic, so it cannot be cured, but the amount of water in it can be reduced. Those who have polycystic ovarian disease will have about three to four symptoms. Number one, they will have many cysts in English. Number two, their hormonal balance will be slightly high in androgenic hormones. All these are due to androgen hormone influence homeopathy can solve this problem quickly and also with some normal diet and exercise this problem goes away a lot they don't have problem in having children, but it should be remembered that it is never cured because it's reducing the effects of water in the genitals and the effects of androgen hormones, he can lead a normal, healthy life...

What is PCOD and PCOS? Is it disease? Which hormone is responsible for this condition? What are the causes of PCOD? What are the symptoms of PCOD and PCOS? Can homeopathy cure it?
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PCOD ! Don't Worry - Cause, Symptoms, Pregnancy, Treatment: https://www.dranutoshchakraborty.com/2021/07/pcod.html

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