Ultimate of CORONA VIRUS | Dr Anutosh Chakraborty



§ Abstract
§ Coronavirus
§ Incubation period
§ Sign and Symptoms
§ Spreading
§ Location
§ Affected body parts
§ Management
§ Disadvantage of present managements and guidelines
§ Homeopathic medicines after research on 19 patients
§ Clarification of prescribed medicine Arsenicum album 30
§ Clarification of prescribed medicine Bryonia alba 30
§ Clarification of prescribed medicine Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X
§ Clarification of prescribed medicine Justicia Adhatoda Q
§ Recovery on fast and harmless way
§ Conclusion

Nowadays, this droplet infection is the main discussion though out the earth. All countries worry about this unknown viral effect. Many peoples say this is man-made and comes from animals. Scientists are always searching for new events, and discoveries or inventions. But now this invention is back to destroy the human being. Before invention of any destructive body, scientists should discover prevention at the same time, otherwise, that invention may hurt their own. The incubation period of covid virus and sign or symptoms may vary in man to man. After research, homeopathic medicine is proved very effective over vaccination and can save human life easily on harmless way. The right management is necessary for all and should correct the present management as per requirement, and in this project showing, the step of fast recovery and safe life on harmless way.

What is COVID-19? 

It is a form of the virus comes from animal and spread though out the human. The animal has the own immunity to protect it, but for humans, it can be dangerous. But one day our body should overcome the
situation by its immune system.

• It is a viral disease caused by the
  SARS-CoV-2 virus
• Here we see respiratory tract infection can
  spread from one person to other person and may
  sometimes lead to pneumonia.

Incubation period

Generally 4 - 8 days. But symptoms appear mostly in 5 days, and symptoms continue for 14 days (approximately)...

§ Fever
§ Dry cough
§ Fatigue
§ These symptoms are rare and may affect some
patients including:
  1. Loss of taste or smell,
  2. Nasal congestion,
  3. Conjunctivitis (also known as red eyes)
  4. Sore throat,
  5. Head,
  6. Muscle or joint pain,
  7. Different types of skin rashes,
  8. Nausea or vomiting.
  9. Cold or dizziness.
§ Shortness of breath,
§ Loss of appetite,
§ Confusion,
§ Persistent pain or pressure in the chest,
§ High temperature (above 38 °C).
§ More common symptoms are:
  1. Anger,
  2. Confusion,
  3. Depression (sometimes associated with fainting),
  4. Anxiety,
  5. Depression,
  6. Sleep problems
§ Sometimes evacuation problem like frequent stool or

Spreading Corona
Virus, It is an airborne droplet infection. So, spread one body to another by sneeze, cough, handshake with an infected person, keep infected hand before the nose or by environment.

It generally affects the upper and lower respiratory tract, both.

Affected body parts
• Larynx
• Trachea
• Alveoli
• Lung
• Intestine

Management should be as an influenza virus, nothing else.

On my research—
If everybody takes healthy nutritious foods along with basil leaves (6-7) morning. Then there is no chance to get damage in our body.
Basil leaves have an anti-viral effect along with lots of other medicinal properties. If every human takes basil leaves every morning, he/she can fight not only with coronavirus, rather, all kind of influenza like viruses. Basil leaves are available everywhere. In absence of Basil leaves, can take Ocimum Sanctum Q 15 drops with half cup of water until situation will be fully under control.
But, if the symptoms continue even taking the before management, then do symptomatic treatment. I already prescribed universal medicine in my website

No need of MASK or PPE kit or unnecessary sanitizing neither vaccination, because this procedure can not resist virus. Only the procedure is what I wrote above. Because we need to enhance our body's immunity.
If anybody is suffering from influenza or influenza-like symptoms, they can use a mask for the time being.

Disadvantage of present managements, and guidelines

The mask can bring unnecessary adverse effect to our health, like, what follows below:
  1. Headache
  2. Acne
  3. Lung cancer
  4. Skin breakdown
  5. Allergy
  6. Hypoxemia
  7. Hypercapnia
  8. Facial nerve damage
  9. If an asthma patient continues to wear a mask for a long time, that can turn into COPD.

PPE kit [Personal Protective Equipment]
PPE kits contain formaldehyde along with others, and that chemical can cause skin allergies, urticaria.
Rash and suffocate condition for skin.

Extra sanitizing
It can bring skin rash, cold, and permanent loss of pigmentation or epidermis layers deformity due to heavy use of soap, alcohol or like that.
Not only that, along with physical management, stopping schools, colleges, sources of work can drop the economic condition of a country, even destroy civilization.

Homeopathic medicines after research on 19 patients

C/D: Corona (+ve)

Rx, (After symptoms develop, and if patient feels illness due to Covid-19)

1) Arsenicum album 30 /10 ml

2 Two drops trice daily before breakfast, evening and night for first 7 days, then two times daily for next 7 days

2) Bryonia alba 30 / 10 ml

2 Two drops trice daily before breakfast, evening and night for first 7 days, then two times daily for next 7 days

3) Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X / 25 mg (if fever persists)

3 tabs thrice daily before breakfast, evening and night for first 7 days then two times daily for next 7 days

4) vitamin C food supplement daily

5) If there is accumulation of cough in chest, then continue Justicia Adhatoda Q/30ml 15 drops thrice daily with half cup of water until complaint subsided.

[Or, take all medicines as prescribed above]

  1. Water vapor inhale three times daily along with oral medicines.
  2. Rest for 14 days and keep isolate yourself and the rest of your family members quarantined.
  3. Inform government and corporation
  4. In any adverse physical condition, go to any state medical college and hospital covid center.
  5. Report regular updates
  6. Take a normal diet
[NB: For suspected or children under 8 years, doses will be half and two times instead of three times for the first 7 days]

Clarification of prescribed medicine Arsenicum album 30 

Arsenicum album is a homeopathic drug, prepared from the use of arsenic trioxide. Arsenic trioxide is said to be a toxic ingredient, but after its potency, it becomes non-toxic due to its small, uncontrollable quantity. The drug has been approved for healthy people and has been tested and clinically tested. Arsenicum album Homeopathy medicine for immunity booster.

This drug is selected in the sense that it can effectively cure ailments such as the flu and covers the human brain. Therefore, it includes the body of the body and the domain of the understanding of human symptoms. Also, it is a well-known fact that it helps to improve human immunity when symptoms go hand in hand. By increasing our immune system, it helps our bodies fight the virus more easily and avoids symptoms. Arsenicum album is an immunity booster drug. Therefore, the album Arsenicum and Corona can be called enemies.

The following are the marks on which the Arsenicum album is commonly shown:
In the field of psychology: If a person has a fear of death and the fear of being left alone, they can be given. Accompanied by cold sweat. You think it doesn't help to take medicine. It is sensitive to confusion and confusion.

In the physiological sphere: With a thin, moist, pleasant release. The nose feels dry. By sneezing without relief. Unable to lie down for fear of being sprayed. For dense airways and catarrh. Severe cough in the middle of the night and sleep on your back. Small and foam expectoration. If there is hemoptysis and pain between the shoulders and hot flashes throughout the body, it may be prescribed. It controls oppressed breathing, and increase O2 levels in blood.

Clarification of prescribed medicine Bryonia alba 30

The Bryonia plant belongs to the gourd family. Originating in Northern and Eastern Europe, this evergreen grape has white flowers, red berries, and a thick, fleshy flesh with a strong, bitter aroma.

The Bryonia plant is toxic when used, and homeopathic remedies should be prepared only by certified homeopathic physicians. The root is part of a plant used in homeopathic medicine, and the Bryonia remedy has been purified to the point that only a few molecules (or even none) of the original substance exist.

Although Bryonia has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for a number of ailments, there is little scientific evidence to support its claims. Let's take a look at some potential health benefits and potential side effects of taking Bryonia

It works on all serous membranes and the viscera it contains. Pain in all muscles. The most common characteristic of pain produced here is texture, tearing; bad for movement, better rest. These stitching symptoms, which are greatly enhanced by any movement, are found everywhere, but especially in the chest; very bad pressure. The mucous membrane is dry. A Bryonia patient is upset; has vertigo on raising the head, a depressive head; dry lips, mouth; excessive thirst, bitter taste, delicate epigastric, and stomach feeling; large, dry, sturdy seats; dry cough; rheumatic pain and inflammation; dropsical discharge from synovial and serous membranes.

Bryonia effects a strong, strong fiber and dark complexion, which is often irritated and irritated. It prefers the right side, evening, and open air, warm weather after cold days, to show its remarkable performance.

A cough is usually dry, from a rash on the abdomen, or throat; finally, with expectoration of mucus. Cough when he enters a warm room, caused by the feeling of exhaust vapor, or as if he could not breathe enough air. Cough aggravates talking or smoking, followed by pain in the trachea. There is a spasmodic cough after drinking and eating, followed by vomiting. The cough causes a rash on the head, as well as stitches on the sides of the chest. Yellow or reddish-brown phlegm by a.m. Pulsations above the sternum.

The treatment areas include musculoskeletal, mucous membranes, right side, etc. Its key symptom in pain is worse with any movement and better with rest as opposed to Rhus toxicodendron.

It is also an Anti-pneumonia. The medicine has also the power to recover the consolidation of the lung after pneumonia, and acts as a protective of the lung.

It is a great pleuritic medicine.

Clarification of prescribed medicine Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X

Ferrum phosphoricum, abbreviated as ferrum phos., Is a compound homeopathic remedy made of iron and phosphorus. Its name is Latin for iron phosphate. The homeopathic formula for iron phosphate is found in a combination of iron sulphate, phosphate, and sodium acetate. This is called true ferric phosphate, Fe2 (PO4) 2 as compared to the common iron phosphate, namely ferrous-hydric phosphate, Fe HPO.
Based on the “similarity” of homeopathic medicine, which states that any substance that can cause certain symptoms when given to healthy people can cure sick people with similar symptoms, ferrum phos. is the preferred remedy for patients in the early stages of the flu or other inflammatory conditions. It may also be given to patients suffering from low energy levels or anemia. Of the 2,000–3,000 homeopathic remedies available, ferrum phos. Is one of the most common "short lists" of those recommended for home medicine chest.

It is important to note, however, that homeopaths do not provide a given remedy on the basis of a few physical symptoms. They try to match the solution to the patient's general symptoms, including emotional and personality traits. So a highly trained homeopath will not give ferrum phos. Usually, every patient who enters the clinic complains of a fever or a bacterial infection. A contemporary American homeopathy physician recommends prescribing ferrum phos. When a person does not have clear and unambiguous symptoms, that could point to another solution. Profile of ferrum phos. a person that has a lower fever and is more alert than someone who needs belladonna but is unwell and nervous than someone who needs aconite. Where a patient with a profile of belladonna may have a fever-filled face, ferrum phos. the patient clearly defined red or red spots on the cheeks. Ferrum phos. The patient is not only focused on his or her depression and may have conversations with others as if he or she were not sick. Another feature of the drug, if the patient coughs up mucus, may be blood clots. The first stage of all diseases, should be used.

Respiratory organs.-Laryngitis, and withdrawal from a depressing voice. -Hoarse; increases green mucous membranes in large veins. -Multiple mucus in the throat and chest tightness. -pleuritic vein with deep breathing, or cough. -Acute, short, spasmodic, and very painful cough.

Clarification of prescribed medicine Justicia Adhatoda Q
The leaves of Justicia leaves contain phytochemicals such as alkaloids, tannins, saponins, phenolic and
flavonoids. Most important is the vaccine, the alkaloid quinazoline. The yield of the drug tree is rated as
0.541 to 1.1% by dry weight. Bromhexine, a serine protease inhibitor with mucolytic properties found in Europe, was originally taken from Justicia adhotada.

It is used for coughs, fevers and asthma

Considering the urgency of diagnosing novel therapeutic novels, we have chosen the combination of the
drug Adhatoda Justicia, which is an important ancient compound that plays an important role in a variety of frequently used respiratory conditions. Adhatoda is recommended and supported by the AYUSH
Department in managing respiratory symptoms in the case of COVID-19. In this study, we focused on the efficacy of Adhatoda primary active alkaloid, a vaccine against coronavirus, tested in silico experimental studies. On the ACE 2 Receptor virus, 3CL protease and Spike protein SARS HR1 motif using the PyRx tool, and AutoDoc 1.5.6. Based on the results of PyRx, Vasicine with ACE 2 Receptor showed higher docking affinity -7.1 K / cal respectively, compared to other viral proteins. The AutoDoc 1.5.6 test report showed that the vaccine promotes a good stable consistency of 486.54 mm in 3CL protease over others. The results suggest that vaccines may be the target of COVID-19 treatment.

Recovery on fast and harmless way
Actually, the symptoms of covid virus are just like influenza. We saw many times before this condition, lots of viruses were affected humans, and gave influenza-like symptoms, but recovered by the time. If we consider Homeopathic medicines for this particular disease or condition of human or any virus that manifests influenza-like symptoms, homeopathic anti-viral medicines or enhance immune power of body is the only way out for quick recovery and on harmless way. Vaccination is not a way of recovery; it can be considered a weapon to reduce the virulence of the virus. But if we consider any disease and use it unnecessarily, then the immune system of our body can be affected, and may expose itself to another unknown autoimmune disease, which can be incurable and may go to fatal for human life.

COVID-19 is a viral disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It gives influenza-like symptoms along with abdominal distress, additional It commonly affects both the upper and lower respiratory tract.
The post-sequel to common influenza can be the pneumatic lung. So covid virus can be impacted in lung, if the patient is untreated or malnourished, or it can be recovered automatically, if the patient is well immune.
It does not mean the immunity growing procedure is vaccination. It means, how can a patient get good immunity ? I cured lots of patients before getting vaccinations. Vaccines have a dark side for the human body; it can be responsible for autoimmune diseases.
The mask or PPE kit or sanitization should not a procedure to resist any kind of viruses. The main motto should be, how can a human grow the immunity to fight against the virus, and that is it. Homeopathy is the only key to recovering from a virus of any kind. Because only in homeopathy, there are many medicines which have the anti-viral effect.
It is a definite and bitter truth that, every one will be affected by this virus. For the common people, it should be known that, there are many unknown viruses, bacteria or microbes always hitting our body. But we do not feel illness every time, because, our body immunity power always fights with them.
Otherwise, we should feel the illness every time. When we feel illness and investigations do not match with our medical protocol, then we try to find out the cause and come a new identification of new unknown microbes, which can be named as corona, omicron or like that. So do not get fear. Fight
with pathogens, with enhancing our body power, and it is the only procedure to exist ourselves.
I have written about those real incidents which I faced and cured with my own verdict.
I told in very beginning time for COVID-19 and wrote here the same, which is unchanged till date.
The key anti-viral medicine, Basil leaves and healthy, nutritious foods. And if Basil leaves are not available, you can take Ocimum Sanctum Q 15 drops with half a cup of water in the morning until the corona situation is fully under control. No vaccination.

[NB: This is the ultimate management for COVID-19]

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