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Megaloblastic Anemia

Definition [Expert Homeopathy]
Addisonian pernicious anemia: Due to failure in secretion of intrinsic factor by the stomach, responsible for Vitamin B12 absorption other than surgery. It is mainly due to Vitamin B12 and Folic acid deficiency.

Nutritional: Diet deficient in B12 and folate in vegetarians, infants fed on goat milk or by anemic mothers.
Defective absorption
Tropical spruce
Idiopathic steatorrhea
Short-circuiting of small intestine
Bland or stagnated loop of small intestine contains bacteria which consumes Vitamin B12
Lactation, growing children especially vegetarians
Associated with hemolytic anemia
Associated with anticonvulsant therapy
Worms infestation e.g. fish tape worm

Symptoms / Signs
General features of anemia like: weakness, lassitude, pallor, palpitation etc.
Intermittent soreness of tongue with ulcers and rawness
Periodic diarrhea and abdominal pain
Loss of weight
Skin and mucous membrane pale
In severe cases, they become lemon-yellow colored
Later on, mucous membrane of mouth becomes smooth and atrophic
Psychic symptoms: Lassitude, lack of interest in surroundings, depressive psychosis, mania
Neurological: Tenderness of calf muscles, ataxia, spasticity, nystagmus
In Children: mental retardation, tremors
Hyperpigmentation of skin: specially on dorsum of hands, toes. Formation of dark bands over interphalangeal joints, patches on palms and soles tongue, face etc.
Subacute combined degeneration of cord (SACS): absent knee-jerk with up going planters due to polyneuropathy and corticospinal tract involvement...

How to diagnose?
Blood picture
  • Macrocytic anemia
  • M.C.V increased
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Serum B12 level is low
Urine examination: Increased urobilinogen
Gastric analysis: Achlorhydria
Bone marrow examination: Shows megaloblastic reactions
Schilling test is positive

Complication: Gastric carcinoma

Homeopathic medicines and treatment for Megaloblastic anemia

Correction of Vitamin B12 and Folate deficiency.
Only constitutional remedy can help in this case

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