How to proceed for homeopathic online consultation

online consultation

Expert Homeopathy | Dr Anutosh Chakraborty
There are many methods to give online consultation.. The easy free methods are below.
  • Whatsapp
  • Mailing
  • Through application
  • Through website
  • Skype
  • Google Duo

So you have a business WhatsApp account with a specific mobile number for online video calling. You can choose any option from above as per comfortable zone.

Easy way to make a free website or a professional website from Google search, or I can help you to built a website for online consultation, or I can built a website for you with minimum cost price. Rs 20000 only for one time, and shall guide for one or two times. Actually it is not easy to built, it is time taking.

You need a prescription format for prescribing the patients, which I will send to you within this price of website.

Then transfer the word format to PDF format and send the patient accordingly after video calling or phone consultation.

You can store your patient name with information in an application which was made by me once. I shall send it. It is very easy.

The payment methods, you can consider Paytm or PayPal or directly to the bank account. For these things, you must a Paytm account with a mobile number or bank account details which I shall guide to you, how to proceed.....

You need a Google account and email address for making the website. I shall send you in HTML file, you just put with your Gmail ID which I shall guide you step by step.

When click the 'CONSULT NOW'  button, patient will directly go to your WhatsApp window. Then you can consult very easily.

It is very easy, just you need to know the procedure.

On the website, the assets or decoration or some posts, you can manage by you. I can assist you for some times...

But you need advertisement for your sites…

If you want Google Ads, then you have to buy a domain, like .com, .net, .org etc.

In google search, you find many options, many methods, but guideline is very necessary....

Once you run this site, you can earn or consult unlimited for your patient by free, life long.

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