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Due to the damage from Hurricane Ida in our first area of ​​Gretna, health officials will continue to provide health services in the Marrero area.
Patients will be seen when they are regularly recruited and with telehealth services.
8 working hours in the morning - 4:30 pm

Pharmacy services are also available in the Marrero area...

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Moral Health
Moral health includes our emotional, mental, and social well-being. It affects the way we think, feels, and act. It also helps to determine how we deal with stress, how we relate to others, and how we make choices. Moral health is important at all stages of life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

Throughout your life, if you have mental health problems, your thinking, feelings, and behavior can be affected. Many factors contribute to behavioral health problems, including:
Biological factors, such as genetics or brain chemistry
Life experiences, such as trauma or trauma
Family history of behavioral problems.
Behavioral health problems are common but help is available. People with behavioral health problems can get better and many recover completely. Essential Health Care provides behavioral health services to include psychiatric and psychiatric treatment and counseling provided by licensed health and behavioral therapist.

Know the Signs
Not sure if you or someone you know is experiencing behavioral problems? One or more of the following emotional or behavioral experiences may be the first warning sign of a problem:
Eating or sleeping too much or too little
Pulling away from people and normal activities
To have little or no power
Feelings of numbness or numbness do not matter
Pain and unexplained pain
You feel helpless and hopeless
Smoking, drinking or using drugs more than usual
You feel strangely confused, forgotten, isolated, angry, angry, anxious, or scared
Shouting or fighting with family and friends
Coping with difficult emotional states can cause problems in a relationship
Persistent thoughts and memories cannot get out of your head
Hearing words or believing things that are not true
Thinking about hurting yourself or others
Failure to perform daily tasks such as caring for your children or going to work or school

Pediatric diseases
Pediatric diseases
sick baby, It is important for your baby to have regular routine check-ups that begin soon after birth and continue into adolescence. These positions allow your doctor to monitor your child's health and development.

Early detection of symptoms may give your child the best possible opportunity for appropriate and effective treatment.
Make your child’s appointment today!
Call Today @ 504-509-KIDS (5437) PediatricsLogoPHC_200x139

During Your Special Visit, You and Your Provider will:
Review growth and development
Testing and visual acuity
Do the right exercises
Give the required goals
Solve any problems or concerns
Discuss any questions
Perform any necessary transfers

Renew the Center of Hope
Renew the Center of Hope
If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call Priority’s Renew Hope Center today at 504-509-5999.
Renew your hope, renew your life.
Comprehensive Outpatient Program (IOP) & Assisted Therapy
12A Westbank Expressway, Suite 100
Gretna, LA 70053
The RenewHopeCenter1676x670ColorRenew Hope Center's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) covers 16 weeks of treatment group recovery (Phase I meets three times a week, Phase II meets twice a week), and treatment sessions are provided weekly.

Medication Therapy (MAT) is the use of FDA-approved medications, combined with counseling and behavioral therapy, to provide an “all-patient” approach to treating substance abuse disorders.

Group Process - Part of the IOP team session is to talk about your feelings, give and receive feedback from others in the group, learn how to express your thoughts, communicate well and talk about your problems with life in a rescue way. Participants will receive a package, “Getting the Best Out of the Team Process,” which will help them to lead the program.

Didactic Group - Part of an IOP group session that teaches and works on relevant topics that will include worksheets and advertisements, interviews, and role-playing activities. Each group will follow a curriculum on topics ranging from the science of addiction, thinking, behavior, and feeling recovery. Also included are articles to prevent relapse, spirituality, special health events, relationships, support, and balance in recovery.

42307301_mIndividual Therapy– Consumers will have the opportunity to meet with their primary care physician each week to discuss concerns that may not be appropriate for group placement. Emphasis will be on issues that may prevent the client from fully embracing the lifestyle of recovery. It is because of each treatment session that clients will have the opportunity to discuss their treatment plan, assignment homework, and other concerns that arise during treatment.
Support Meetings - These are community-based meetings that give clients access to others dedicated to a life-saving process. It is to develop a comprehensive support system where clients will receive encouragement and strength to move forward with understanding. There are various types of support meetings (12-Step, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery) that customers will be informed about during IOP, and clients will be encouraged to go weekly to get good forecasts of ongoing recovery. Clients will be provided with a list of these meetings and encouraged to increase their attendance at community rehabilitation support meetings as they progress through the IOP stages.

Special Care
Special Care
Medical Case Management to provide a variety of client-focused services that connect clients with health, psychological, and other life-enhancing services. An important part of Medical Case Management involves the integration and adherence of treatment regimens, as well as adherence counseling.

The primary purpose of medical case management is to work with a primary care provider to help the client maintain and improve the state of health, which is reflected in the client's health indicators. Customer service delivery and monitoring of the use of services (including adherence to medical appointments) and health indicators are important aspects of medical case management.

Registration of Medical Case Management may not be permanent; The level of client demand may change over time and require the level of service to suit their current circumstances.

Key activities include (1) the completion of a comprehensive service needs assessment, (2) the development of a comprehensive, individualized service plan, (3) the integration of the activities required to plan (service communication), (4) customer monitoring to evaluate program performance, and ( 5) and the periodic review and adjustment of the plan as required during the client's trial (review), (6) the closing of cases or transfers as appropriate.

Non-Medical Case Management
This service provides advice and assistance to enable clients to access a variety of necessary services (including medical, social, social, legal and financial) that support the measurement of medical-related outcomes.

Some clients may show a lower level of need and may therefore benefit from Non-medical Case Management.

Registration in the management of medical (active) or non-medical cases (direct services only) is not permanent; the client can move from one type of case management to another depending on current circumstances. Ongoing and routine checkups by a non-medical case manager and a medical case manager take place to ensure that clients receive the right level of care.

Non-Medical Key Services Tasks include (1) the completion of a comprehensive assessment of service requirements by a non-medical case manager who meets the same qualifications as a medical case manager, (2) the integration of tasks required to support health outcomes, and (3) periodic re-evaluation of client needs.

This may include customer-specific motivation and/or service usage reviews.

These direct or certified referral services provide client delivery so that they can access health care services. Services are provided on a regular or emergency basis.

Medical Transportation services include delivery services provided, directly or by voucher, to clients so that they can access health care services. Services can be provided on a regular or emergency basis.

This section provides travel services available to patients and essential accompanying caregivers and/or children (ren) to access health care services, including regular and emergency rides and destinations as supported by customer needs.

Services may include the following modes of transport: distribution of vouchers, such as public transportation and/or passports, petrol vouchers, bakkie, and taxi services.

Early Intervention Services
(EIS) are a combination of services that include the following HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis C: Counseling, testing, referrals, and other clinical and diagnostic services designed to provide care for people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C. These services focus on increasing key points. entries and transfer documents.

Specialized HIV Care
Outreach services are aimed at identifying people living with HIV who are aware of their status or those of unknown status so that they are aware of the services available and receive care and treatment.

Individual outreach is defined as activities aimed at finding people who know their HIV status so that they can effectively connect to primary health care. People who do not know their HIV status will be contacted by Early Intervention Services (EIS).

Accessibility services include both credit detection and consumer employment through public outreach. Outreach activities are designed to identify people at high risk of HIV and refer those people to care and treatment services (such as Early Intervention Services (EIS), Primary Medical Care (PMC), and Medical Case Management (MCM).

Access services are provided in partnership with State and local security programs.

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