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Fetal sex

Fetal sex
Fetal sex prediction method Daquan many new moms to a boy or girl will be curious, but they often go shopping, and occasionally encounter some experienced moms will be informed of the stomach should be male or female. Do they tell fortunes? In fact, as long as we observe carefully, we will find that since ancient times, there have been many methods of fetal sex identification.

Here try to sort out these forecasting methods for you, so that Mommy has a method to follow and is no longer confused.

A. Factors affecting the sex of the fetus

Related data show that the sex of the fetus depends on whether the sperm combined with the egg carries the X or Y gene. However, in one ejaculation, the number of sperm can reach hundreds of millions. Whether the sperm carrying X or Y is combined with the egg is completely accidental. It is a matter of opportunity and is not controlled by the will of the parents.
In addition to this, many experts have also put forward related factors that affect the sex of the fetus.

1. The impact of nutritional advantages and disadvantages. A recent study by foreign scientists found that pregnant women who eat a lot during pregnancy usually give birth to male babies, and at the same time, male babies born are heavier than female babies. Researchers conducted a 6-month observational study of 244 pregnant women and showed that the secretion of testosterone in the testicles of male babies is the direct cause of the large intake of pregnant women.

Some experts said: Newborn boys are heavier than girls, this common phenomenon will help to identify the sex of pregnant women during pregnancy. Pregnant women with a baby boy consume more than 10% of calories and more than 8% of the protein in their bodies during pregnancy. Pregnant women must absorb a lot of carbohydrates and animal and vegetable fats to replenish their energy. Research data also shows that the male baby in the embryo needs more nutrition and energy than the female baby.

2. The effect of age When the couple’s age increases by 5 years, the chance of having a girl increases by 1‰, and the chance of having a boy after a husband is too old decreases. Between the ages of 25-29, there are more boys than girls, and more girls under 25 and over 29 years old than boys.

3. Smoking reduces the chance of having a boy
Another survey conducted by Danish and Japanese scientists found that whether a couple smokes or not affects the sex of the fetus. If a couple smokes while preparing to have a baby, it may reduce the chance of having a boy.

Editor's suggestion
In fact, it is a joy to have boys or girls. But in order to keep the baby healthy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to nutritional supplements and quit certain bad habits, such as alcohol and smoking, before and during pregnancy.

B. Predicting the sex of the fetus in appearance

Some people say that mothers-to-be have a sharp belly and give birth to a boy and a round belly. Look at the various folk forecasting methods introduced by the editor below.

First, let's take a look at how to judge from appearance.

Prediction method 1: Belly shape
Some elderly people will tell you that if you are pregnant with a boy, your belly is sharp, otherwise, it is round. Also, experienced moms will tell you that we can also see boys and girls from the position of the belly bulge. For example, when pregnant with a daughter, the belly is always upright, and the girl is at the bottom.

Prediction method 2: Pregnancy line
In addition to the shape of the belly, if the pregnant mother's pregnancy line is straight and to the left, a boy will be born, and if it is short and to the right, it will be a girl. When I had a mother, I would respond. When I was pregnant, the pregnancy line was long and black, and it grew between my breasts. The result was a boy.

Prediction method 3: The shape of the belly button. Can the belly button also look at gender? Yes, some moms said that during pregnancy, most of the belly buttons are convex, while the concave ones are girls.

The editor suggests
Although the appearance of things is relatively intuitive and visible, different people have different opinions on accuracy. Take the above belly button prediction method as an example. There are also moms who report that their belly buttons are not protruding when they are pregnant with sons and daughters. Therefore, moms should not put too much emphasis on the appearance prediction methods above, and always maintain a relaxed and happy mood, which is the right way to give birth to a healthy baby.

C. Pregnancy response predicts the sex of the fetus

As well as taking a gander at the appearance, we can likewise decide from the eating routine and response of the pregnant mother during pregnancy.

Prediction Method 1: Diet Preferences. I believe that many moms will have heard of sour and hot girls. Some pregnant women especially like to eat sour things during pregnancy, and they will be judged by experienced moms to give birth to a boy. People who like spicy food are thought to have girls.

Prediction method 2: Early pregnancy reaction strength and weakness, sickness is a difficulty that many moms have to endure during pregnancy. And some people think that if you are pregnant with a girl, the early pregnancy reaction will be very severe, but boys may not.

Prediction method 3: Fetal movement characteristics
When the baby moves in the mother's belly, pregnant mothers will play with the baby happily. In fact, the difference between the two types of fetal movements when pregnant with a son and a daughter is very obvious. When pregnant with a daughter, there is a big bulge. Poke the small drum kit.

The editor suggests
These are just prediction methods that have been circulated in the market, and moms are not the best way to believe in them. The editor feels that the best way is to happily accept the arrival of every new life, whether it is a man or a woman, it is a happy event to be thankful for. Pregnant mothers should do a good job in nutrition and health care, and greet the baby in a wonderful mood.

b-data to see the sex of the fetus to distinguish between male and female genitalia by the fetus under normal circumstances, it takes four months before they can be judged. Generally, it can be seen in a 5-month B-ultrasound, and the accuracy of the three-dimensional B-ultrasound is higher. Because sometimes it may be blocked with your hands, it is more accurate to determine the sex of the fetus at eight months. Babies are bestowed by God and cannot cause evil thoughts because of the patriarchal concept.
It is more scientific to look at fetal gender by b-ultrasound, and the accuracy rate is relatively high. In addition to b-ultrasound, the color of pregnant women's nipples can judge men and women. If the color of the left nipple is dark or almost black, it can be judged as a male fetus, otherwise, it is a female fetus.

How to distinguish the sex of the fetus

1. DNA blood test: The pregnancy of a pregnant woman is confirmed by B-ultrasound for eight weeks, and the sex of the fetus can be measured when the fetus is normal. The accuracy rate is 98%, which has no effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus.

2. Amniotic fluid puncture: It is mainly used to diagnose whether the fetus has chromosomal or neural tube defects. It is usually performed at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy. The accuracy can reach 99%, but there is a 1% chance of miscarriage.

3. Villus collection and examination: The sex of the fetus can be judged at about 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, but it may cause miscarriage (3% to 5%), and may also harm the fetus and cause its hands and feet to be disabled.

4. Ultrasound scanning: Ultrasound is a kind of sound wave, it has no adverse effect on the fetus, and the baby must have high accuracy in 3 to 4 months. When using ultrasound to diagnose the sex of a fetus, the accuracy of male infants can reach more than 95%, while the reliability of female infants is only about 85%.

Identify the gender of the fetus

1. The Qing Palace table speculates that it is male to male, female to female (The secret formula table for male and female students in Qing Palace is calculated according to the lunar calendar. The month of pregnancy is postponed for one month if the menstrual cycle exceeds 28 days, and this method is not used for irregular menstruation)

2 . Male belly sharp, round belly female.

3. Small male belly, big belly female.

4. In addition to other parts of the body, not fat belly men, whereas women.

5. The foot is not swollen, the latter slightly swollen male, swollen feet, swollen late more Female.

6. Respond not to males, respond to females.

7. Prospective MM prefers sour and salty food, prefers spicy or sweet food, and fruit juice.

8. Prospective MM turns ugly, the skin darkens male, skin unchanged or beautiful female.

9. Early fetal movement is M (16W), late for women.

10. Punched felt fetal movement and turning the whole body for men, women only turning the whole body.

11. Early period than the expected M, Younger women.

12. Male projection navel, Does not highlight the female.

13. B-ultrasound shows the male with the baby facing outwards, and the female facing the MM.

14. The pregnancy line is left above the navel, straight, thin, and directly between the breasts, and the entire pregnancy line is lightly male. On the contrary, females.

15. After pregnancy, the quasi-MM sexual desire becomes stronger, it is male, and the sexual desire does not change or weakens, it is female.

16. Fetal movement is left male, right female.

17. Fetal heart rate is about 140 male, 150 female.

18. Pregnancy Expectant MM is industrious, male with good mental status, lazy, and female with poor mental status.

19. Expectant MM has a bigger nose and unchanged female.

20. Expectant MM urine test is alkaline (above 6.5) in the early and late stages Male, female with acidic (below 6).

21. Amniotic fluid is more female, but amniotic fluid is less male.

22. Belly rely on - female; to fall - male.

23. The rapid development of breasts after pregnancy - women; on the contrary - male.

24. DD big early on, which was earlier a woman pregnant, belly little early, post big, noticeable pregnant Late is male.

25. The anterior wall of the placenta is male, and the back wall is female.

26. Axillary darkening is female, but not black is male.

27. If MM can eat, it is male, but cannot eat is female.

28. Areola is small, RT black girl, big areola, RT is not black male.

29 Late pregnancy when viewed from behind, do not see pregnant, the action is very light, flexible action male, body heavy, slow women.

30. Belly soft female, male belly literally.

31. Fetal heart like hoofs and powerful men, and not like the sound of drums, a small force is female.

32. A large waist is a woman, the waist is a little change male.

33. pulse strong left for men, strong on the right Is female (you need to be pregnant for more than 3 months to be able to detect).

34. The method of hanging a pencil to determine the gender of the fetus (find a pencil with an eraser on one end, and use a threaded needle to pierce the rubber end, so that you can lift Hold the line and hang the pencil, the nib is vertically downward, and then the nib is aligned with the vein of your wrist), the nib makes a longitudinal cutting movement (that is, the swing direction of the nib is consistent with the direction of the arm) is male, and the nib makes a transverse cutting movement ( That is, if the pen tip swings perpendicular to the arm, it is female), and the pen tip moves in a circular motion, indicating that you are not pregnant (you can use your husband as a test).

35. Put two drops of medical alcohol into the pregnant woman’s first urine in the morning, and the person who turns red is male. There is no change for a female.

36. Early pregnancy will give birth to a girl, otherwise a boy.

37. When inadvertently, count the number of eggs in the refrigerator, singular males, even females
There is also a formula:
Z=49 (base never Change) + lunar month when pregnant with a child-imaginary age when pregnant with a child +19
z (if it is even) = girl z (if it is singular) = kid

Methods to identify the sex of a fetus.

Experienced mothers are always "special insight." When they see the pregnant belly of the expectant mothers, they can’t help but enthusiastically help to infer whether the baby in the belly is a male or a female... Some people say that the mother’s belly How can a sharp-pointed boy and a girl with a round belly be able to "know men and women with smart eyes"?

Statement 1: If the fetal heart rate is lower than 140 beats/min, the pregnant fetus is a boy.
Analysis: The heart rate of a girl is higher than that of a boy. This is only true at birth. There is no difference between the heart rate of a boy and a girl. The speed of the heart rate only varies with gestational age. At about 5 weeks of pregnancy, the heart rate of the fetus is close to that of the mother, that is, 80 to 85 beats per minute. Then the heart rate gradually increased to 170~200 beats/min during the 9th week of pregnancy. From then on to the second trimester, it gradually slowed down to 120~160 beats/min.

Statement 2: Pregnant women with protruding abdomen are girls, not protruding abdomen or protruding lower abdomen for boys.
Analysis: If the upper body of a pregnant woman is short, the space for fetal development can only extend outward, so the abdomen will appear large.
On the contrary, the pregnant woman's upper body is long, which can provide enough space for the development of the fetus, and the abdomen does not need to protrude outward.

Statement 3: Pregnant women's lower arms (large lower abdomen) are boys, and upper arms (large upper abdomen) are girls.
Analysis: If a pregnant woman is upper arms, it may be the first pregnancy or the pregnant woman is in good shape. When a pregnant woman has a pregnancy, her abdomen muscles relax, and will naturally "sag" when she conceives again.

Statement 4: The black nipple is a boy.
Analysis: The color of the nipple is affected by hormones in the body. During pregnancy, the level of progesterone and the hormone that stimulates melanocytes increases, resulting in darker parts of the body surface that were originally black. When the child is born Will recover soon, this phenomenon has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus.

Statement 5: The relationship between eating sour and alkali and having boys and girls
Analysis: Some people determine whether a food is acidic or alkaline based on taste alone. This is a misconception in itself. It needs to be emphasized that the acid-base imbalance in the human body is usually caused by illness.

Argument 6: As a reaction to early pregnancy, they love to eat hot and sour "Sour children and hot women"
Analysis: The argument of "Sour children and hot women" has no scientific basis. Medically speaking, the birth of boys and girls is mainly determined by chromosomes. The eggs in the mother are all with X chromosomes, and the sperm contains X or Y chromosomes. If the sperm that enters the egg has X chromosomes, it is a girl. ; If the sperm that enters the egg carries the Y chromosome, it is a boy. So the father decides whether to have a boy or a girl. In a sense, the birth of boys and girls is related to the conception environment of the fertilized egg, that is to say, it is related to the environment around the fallopian tube.

Statement 7: Killing a girl in the morning?
Analysis: A study was conducted on 5,900 pregnant women who were hospitalized for serious illness in the early stages of pregnancy. The results found that 56% of these pregnant women gave birth to female children and 44% of male children. However, for pregnant women with severe infections during and during pregnancy, the sex ratio of their babies is about the same as the normal distribution rate.

Statement 8: The wise doctor lays down the secret to giving birth to boys and girls "as you wish" I
the wise doctor decides "five secret instructions":
"1st, ask the pregnant woman to turn her body to the other side at rest because the baby has not yet arrived. This method is very necessary. You know the man has stopped and the woman is right, which means the boy is lying on the left side and the girl is lying on the right."
"2nd put an ax under the pregnant woman's bed. Remember, ax Keep your mouth high, and do not touch it after you put it. We tried this. It turned out that we put a piece of metal under the chicken coop, and all the hatched chickens were roosters."
"3rd, get a rooster. Three very long hair on the tail is removed, wrapped in a red cloth and nails and groom's hair, placed under the sheets of pregnant women."
"4th, you cannot eat meat, you'll be able to simply eat plain tea and lightweight rice. Eat vegetarian food just to give birth to a son, and then eat it. It's the same with Xunxuan giving birth to daughters since ancient times. Think carefully about this."
"5th, the position of the bed where you sleep is also very important.
Analysis: "The main point is that the birth of boys and girls is determined by chromosomes. Gender is determined, which can be changed at will? This is completely contrary to science!"

The most scientific medical approach

Currently, among the methods used by obstetricians and gynecologists, there are practical and reliable methods:
1. Ultrasound Testing: Ultrasound is a type of sound radio. Reports so far have shown that it is not harmful to the fetus. Influence is very common in maternity and women's communities.
When using ultrasound to diagnose fetal sex, the accuracy of male infants can reach more than 95%, and the reliability of female infants is only 85%.

2. Amniocentesis: Amniocentesis is widely used to determine whether an embryo has chromosomal or neural tube defects. It is usually done between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy."Since the chromosomes of the fetus are unknown, the sex of the fetus can also be identified. The accuracy can be up to 99%, but there is a 1% chance of miscarriage. Therefore, the medical community does not accept amniocentesis in order to determine the sex of the fetus:
amniocentesis or umbilical cord blood.

3. Villus sample: also known as "chorus sample", usually performed at 8-10 weeks of gestation. The main goal is similar to amniocentesis, to find out if embryonic chromosomes are normal, but are also used to diagnose fetal sex. The accuracy level can be up to 98%.
Although the collection of villus can determine the sex of the fetus in about 10 weeks of pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage (3% to 5%) and can damage the fetus and cause its arms and legs to be amputated. Therefore, it is best not to take this test just to find out the sex of the fetus.

4. General salt for washing the uterus: This method is the most effective method of the same type in recent years, and is usually done at 9 weeks of pregnancy. To date, security has been shown to be very high, with 98% reliability. However, this type of test can only be performed on both men and women, and it cannot determine if the fetal chromosomes are healthy, and no sexual activity within a week before the test can reduce the risk. 5. Blood tests: engineering techniques that can be used to take a mother's blood. Determine the sex of the fetus. Although there is no risk to the fetus, and some tests show that the accuracy is 95%, the medical data and the evidence obtained by the author indicate that the number of errors is very high. 1. Ultrasound Testing: Ultrasound is a type of sound radio.

Summarize the following to refer to expectant mothers:

Predicting the inaccuracies of men and women-
Pregnancy: Because of the differences in a person's body shape and body development before pregnancy, adults say that girls are the first of all, and boys are not allowed to get pregnant. (For example).

Edema: Inflammatory feet of girls, the boy did not perform the procedure (accuracy is not high, but the words in the evening will be swollen foot cans can relieve more effectively, if it is not possible to reduce the night's rest is necessary and timely hospitalization).

Pregnant morning line: a girl’s mother line and can be very dark and long at the breasts.
color: mothers of bad boys, spots of bad boys and good girls: you believe in sour and hot girls.
predicts that men and women are more accurate-
belly button condition: up to 7.8 Lie down after a month and touch the center of the belly button. He’s a soft guy, and there’s nothing soft and stretchy. It's a girl.

Armpits: It's very dark for a girl, not very dark for a boy
Special requirements
fetal movement: Boys feel hard and don’t know whether it’s the hands or feet or the joints of the legs. Girls only go down slowly when they touch them with their hands. The
shape of the fetal sac: More than 50-70 days, it shows the fetal sac longer than the boy, which is approximately around and flats It's a girl.

Factors that affect fetal gender

Boy or girl has always been one of the issues that people are most concerned about, many people want to be able to choose a boy or a girl according to their wishes. However, it is not determined by women to give birth to boys or girls, it is mainly determined by the sex chromosomes of the man.

Sex chromosomes, as the name suggests, are chromosomes that determine sex. In human germ cells, there are twenty-three pairs or forty-six chromosomes, of that twenty-two pairs are autosomes and one pair is sex chromosomes.

The female sex chromosome is xx, and the genotype is 46, XX.

The male sex chromosome is XY, and the genotype is 46, XY.

The germ cell undergoes two meiosis, 23 pairs of chromosomes become 23, the egg contains only one sex chromosome, and the sperm can contain X or Y sex chromosomes, respectively. When the sperm and the egg are combined, the chromosomes of the fertilized egg return to 23 pairs.

If the sperm containing the X chromosome is combined with the egg, the fertilized egg is of type xx and will develop into a female fetus.

If the sperm containing the Y chromosome is combined with the egg, the fertilized egg is of XY type and will develop into a male fetus.

Therefore, the birth of boys and girls depends on whether or not the fertilization is X gamete or Y gamete. The combination of sperm and egg is random, not based on people's will. Therefore, it is not our choice to have boys and girls.

Factors that have an effect on the sex of a baby

Although we already know the principle of giving birth to boys and girls, there is another situation that is always unpredictable, that is, some people always give birth to boys, while others always give birth to girls. Although it is not currently possible to control gender as one wishes.

However, scientists have found that gender is related to the following factors:
Genetic influence. Boys and girls tend to have family tendencies.
The influence of acid-base environment. Y sperm is alkali-resistant and acid-resistant, Y sperm is active in an alkaline environment and is easy to bind, and X sperm is active in an acidic environment and is easy to fertilize.
The impact of sex life. If the woman is fertilized when she reaches orgasm, it is easy to get a male fetus. Because the woman’s secretions contain alkaline during orgasm, conversely, if she ejaculates too early during sex, her chances of having a girl can be increased.
The influence of metal elements. Eating salty and potassium- and sodium-rich foods during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy can increase the chance of having a boy.
The influence of the seasons. More boys are conceived in spring and autumn, and more girls are conceived in summer and winter.
The effect of age. For every 5 years of a couple’s age, the chance of having a girl increases by 1%. Husbands are too old and the chances of having boys are reduced. Males between the ages of 25-29 have more boys than girls and more girls than 25 and more than 29 years old.

The relationship between sex and nutrition
Research scientists working in Ethiopia say they have found evidence to suggest that a woman how much to eat may affect her baby's gender. Researchers published an article in the "Records of the Royal Society" that this may be a natural way for humans to fight famine.

Scientists have found that when there is insufficient food, women with better nutrition are twice as likely to have a baby boy than women with poor nutrition. Researchers at University College London said that this is the first time there is evidence that food supply is related to the sex of human fetuses.

The relevant theory is rough as follows: If a woman's fetus is male, the burden on the mother's body is greater than that of a female baby. Male babies who are undernourished are also more likely to die than female babies who are undernourished. Three years ago, there was a serious shortage of food in southern Ethiopia. Researchers found that during this period, in the local rural Oromo community, women with relatively good nutrition had a higher chance of giving birth to boys, while women with less nutrition had more girls.

Of course, the occurrence of this phenomenon cannot be completely dependent on nutrition, because if this is the case, in the western world with sufficient food supplies, people will only have baby boys. Researchers speculate that this mechanism may only work when the entire community faces food shortages and that it may be activated after the mother becomes pregnant. In other words, women who are undernourished may choose female babies but reject male fetuses.

Fetal heart rate can tell you sex

The folk there was a saying, fetal heart rate below 140 beats/min, then the fetus is pregnant with a boy. Generally speaking, the heart rate of girls is higher than that of boys, and it has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus.

The normal heart rate of the fetus is between one hundred twenty beats/min and one hundred sixty beats/min. Experts pointed out that special instruments are needed to listen to the fetal heart rate. You can use a Doppler stethoscope to hear the fetus in very quiet conditions at about 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you can't hear the heart with an obstetric stethoscope until the 18th week of pregnancy, even in the third trimester, it is not easy to listen to the fetal heart with an ordinary stethoscope.

When the formation of fetal sex in general, when the fetus is from the mother, we can roughly distinguish male and female, depending on the shape of the outer genitals. Those who have "chickens" are boys, and those who don't are girls, of course. In fact, the real difference between men and women is doomed at the moment when the sperm and the egg combine to become a fertilized egg.
It takes 10 months (approximately 40 weeks) of differentiation and development for embryos in the mother to come to the human world. Under normal circumstances, when the embryo develops to 8-10 weeks, the male fetus develops testes and begins to secrete androgens. Androgens make the fetus's external reproductive organs develop and change in the direction of men; fetuses without testes, due to lack of androgen effects, the external genitalia Naturally develop in the direction of women.

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