10 tips for build body healthy

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Health is wealth and exercise is needed for everyone, so we need to exercise more. What are the exercise methods? Let's take a look at the ten methods of physical health exercise. (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

(1) You don't like jogging or gymnastics, and you are not good at javelin and long jump, but you can't just give up sports because of this.

(2) Exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere, always choose stairs instead of elevators or escalators. If you want to have strong buttocks, use your toes to climb the stairs.

(3) Keep your back straight: you can use the muscles of your back and abdomen, and you can maintain a graceful posture, why not do it?

(4) Brisk walking: walking briskly for 90 minutes can consume about 500 calories, which is better than continuous Is it easy to stand ironing clothes for 6 hours? The main thing is to need 500 calories.

(5) Contraction of the buttocks muscles: Repeat this action several times a day. It is said that thigh dancers rely on this trick to tighten the buttocks.

(6) Change to high heels and sneakers frequently: This can exercise all the muscles of the calf.

(7) Park the car farther: You must walk for at least two minutes to reach your destination. Don't be too troublesome, walking is good for you.

(8) When carrying a handbag, keep your arms and body deliberately apart: you can exercise your biceps and triceps by the way.

(9) Walk the dog for at least 20 minutes: Run with the dog, and even throw a ball for it to pick it up so that you can exercise your upper body muscles.

(10) When taking the subway, always stand and not sit: This is the most basic rule and the easiest way to exercise.

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