What should follow in West Bengal Government Hospitals?

hospital management

I wrote and request to follow the healthcare system before the Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal and might be followed to some extent but some lacking still now. I do not know, whether my letter had been seen by Hon'ble CM or not!

Being a Healthcare professional as well as a hospital management professional, I have a point of view. I do believe, if our healthcare system follows these instructions without any hesitation, it might bring a good result.

The Healthcare system is a big challenge in every country but needs some management as well for serving the patients better and making stronger economic side for the states. How!

What do we need for healthcare? (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

In the healthcare system, there are 9 wings
1) infrastructure
2) Administrator 
3) Doctors / Physicians
4) Nurses
5) Attendants, Medical instrument technicians, electricians, plumbers, and ambulance drivers
6) Medical Instruments
7) Sweepers
8) Securities
9) Last of all a 'good mentality'

The administrator should keep in his/her mind just 9 wings before managing a healthcare system.
If we collect these 8 wings in a little room in our mind, it should be good practice for administration.

I know, the healthcare system is a big challenge, but if we do not keep compress in our mind, everything looking like a sea!

If we do not love our work, what we are doing! that work can not give us the best result, and this is the main cause for West Bengal. In West Bengal, most people do not love their work. They are always suppressed by the superior and that's why one time they become a machine and thought, they do not need any own implementation, and it brings the emptiness in their mind, and here from starts the disobeying their job, and lacking in the whole system.

How can we correct this? [The duty of Health Minister]

The health minister of West Bengal should renovate the infrastructure of hospitals or health centers first. It does not mean, to change the whole ancients in a new marble house! rather change the enormous misleading to a peaceful state. how to follow below: (7 days calculation).

1) Collect the approximate patient strength every day in the specific health center which we need to renovate.
2) Catagory of patients, that means the route of patients, wherefrom they come!
3) What types of diseases come every day.
4) What is the next visiting date given by the doctor!
5) How many emergency patients come every day approximately!
6) How many general people come with a patient approximately!

After 7 days we have a statistic. Now the solution is below:
1) Approximate patients calculation, gives an idea of space to need in a healthcare center. 
a) We need to increase space rather than marbling.
b) If we do not have sufficient area, need to demolish the building structure and build a new building with a lift as per the requirement of patients and relatives of patients with doctors rooms, nurses rooms, administrator rooms, and sweeper rooms. A big storeroom and garden along with car-parking and medicinal shops with blood bank is another requirement for the healthcare system. So an Architect should keep these things in his/her mind.
c) Must introduce some detective personnel (Male and Female)

[Here end of duty of Health Minister]

What should do a healthcare administrator?

There are two types of administrators in a healthcare system for a big hospital
1) Superintendent (Medical)
2) Assistant Superintendent (Non-Medical)

The big challenge and challenging duty for these types category.

No2. come first - An Assistant Superintendent must look after the requirement of the hospital, such as:

a) 'Way out' and 'way in' of the hospital - It should be different strictly except emergency.
b) Requirements of beds and sitting position of relatives in the hospital - 20 beds should be extra in every department related to medical except administrative.
c) Requirement of Medical Instruments as per doctor's choice and must inform to the health ministry.
d) Requirements of accessories related to management such as Ambulance, Salile or liquid medicine hanger, Should keep the floor always clean and dustbin in the corner and should strict on it.
e) Should keep silent everywhere in the healthcare centers.
f) Motivate the non-medical staff every time.
g) Must look after the non-medical staff every time on-duty hours.
h) Must install 'Close Circuit Camera' in every department along with outside of buildings excepts doctors chambers.
i) Emergency should be in a different way and must close to the main road.
j) Must look after proper maintaining the garden as it gives peace to a living body and recovers worry to some extent.
k) Remember, everyone who comes to the hospital wants to hope for their relatives. And wants a 'class one' service from every department along with consolation. Every people in the hospital with good behave along with the medical staff.
l) If any problem arises, must come response from 'Assistant Superintendent' first and should try to solve without legal enforce. If not solved, then come to take necessary action.
m) Unnecessary harassment of people or showing power is inhumanity in healthcare.
n) Surgery room and Doctor's room should be white, spacious, and clean and should be well equipped.
o) A nit and clean inquiry room.

No.1 come second - The superintendent must look after:

a) The required treatment gives by the medical staff, doctors
b) Must follow through with the everyday patient's healing and death or transfer from hospital to hospital.
c) Must look after the work of Assistant Superintendent.
d) If any dispute, must solve as early as possible.
e) Must look after the necessity of medical-related people such as doctors, nurses, attendants.
f) Must look after the required medicines, Instruments, blood bank and must follow the 'State Medicine".
g) Must maintain a good relationship with every people in healthcare.
h) If any patient party comes to say something, must keep them with first priority, as it is the most relevant way to keep away the unnecessary problems.
i) Must look after the patient's position and their problems.
j) Must look after whether the treatment is in the right way or not!
k) Need a board meeting every day for at least 2 hours with those physicians, who just left the duty for the day.
l) Must be up to date every time, if not possible! can take help from detective personnel.
m) Food of patients in the hospital and food on-premises should be acceptable, hygienic, and verified.
n) Emergency patients should be treated on a priority basis and do not make any charges until they take any indoor facility.

Some other necessities (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Electricians, Plumbers, Ambulance drivers,s and ticket countermen are always aware of their duty time. and should overlook by detective personnel.
No nuisance should be committed in hospitals and it is punishable.


1)Every patient should take a ticket from the counter against minimum charges as it is for maintenance for the hospital buildings.
2) Any investigation should be payable but one fouth of outside charges.
3) No certificate does not allow for buying a ticket but can allow for investigation, or treatment purposes.
4) The Superintendent should have the right to understand and sanction free service for those patients who come for free service. But if Superintendent understands that, the patient can effort the minimum charges, then the certificates will be ignorable. Because many people do the wrong every day and take chance unnecessarily.
5) Fair price medical shops are a good installation by the Hon'ble CM of West Bengal.
6) Only government install shops other than medical in healthcare property and serve by government employee such as tea, snacks, etc., etc.
7) If any people come with vehicles (except physician of internal or external and staff with proof) should be chargeable if keep on the property and regulate by Assistant Superintendent under the supervision of detective personnel.
8) No outside food will be allowed, every food should be bought from hospital area and the price should be cheap from outside.

Conclusion (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

It is my research, and if follow this rule, there is no chance of unnecessary problems. Every people can be happy in this way. This is a model that I do believe in.

Good luck and thanks to all with warm wishes.

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