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What signs you identify to get addiction! (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

A young boy doing his work very cautiously. This is his first experience working in the corporate sector and he was very happy. He has become accustomed to the culture of the work recently and is well on his way to earning rewards and promotions. Working long hours often ended with a glass of hard drink and sometimes go to parties and bars with his friends.

Soon, occasional drinking times became commonplace as they made her happy and relaxed. Gradually, he became addicted. He needed alcohol to lose muscle mass and to prepare for the next day. As the pressure to work increased, he began to indulge in alcohol. This led to night shifts, illness, absenteeism and the day came when he was fired. His addiction cost him a job that he loved and was proud of.

A large number of us are fostering an adoration that is undeniably more destructive than acquiring. One can get dependent on liquor, drugs, sex, computer games, betting, or in any event, shopping. Furthermore, when the matter turns crazy, an individual ought to be urged to look for help from a fixation assist with focusing that completely revises the basic issue during recuperation or after a back care program.

It the good to control the circumstance and keep it from deteriorating. An individual should simply perceive indications of fixation and act rapidly. Some warnings might be: (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Continued addiction despite the side effects - When an addict takes over, the affected person has a tendency to ignore the red flags and continue to pursue an object or habit no matter what the physical, psychological, or work-related impact.

Abstinence from Addictions - Addicts may become addicted to the drug that, in time, they may relinquish their right to social gatherings as events may not give them the opportunity or the time to use their drugs.

Depression symptoms - When a person tries to quit an addiction, they may have severe withdrawal symptoms. This is because the body gets used to something and becomes stressed when you are not there. Symptoms of withdrawal can be physical and psychological, and in some cases life-threatening.

Keeping addiction confidential - People often hide addiction by keeping it confidential. They are afraid of being judged, so they try to hide their practice from friends and family.

Increased tolerance - When an addict develops, over time, the body begins to adjust to it and producing the same height, requires a greater number of substances, which leads to more tolerance. Addiction can take the mind and body completely.

Inability to quit - Addiction can be so powerful that even with good intentions, one cannot stop or reduce it. Man loses self-control and allows himself to be influenced by it.

Risk - An addiction mindset has a tendency to take risks. Under the influence of things, a person may lose his composure and conduct himself in a risky manner. A person who is addicted may steal, indulge in unsafe sexual practices, drive under the influence of alcohol, or fight and abuse.

Making excuses - When a person becomes addicted, their life becomes a web of lies and excuses. When friends and loved ones express concern, he may use every possible means to escape and lock himself in his homeland.

Intention to go meet unwanted people - Addicted persons have an intention to go outside or meet the person who is already knowing drug-addicted.


If anybody feels that she/he is going to be addicted,  Immediately follow the above instruction. It will help definitely to approach normal life.

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