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Lumbar Spondylosis

Anatomy / Physiology

We have 33 vertebrae, of which 5 are Lumbar vertebrae. The identifying point of this vertebra from the other vertebrae by their big size and by the absence of costal facets on the sides of the bodies.


Superior articular process
Maxillary process
Transverse process
Spinous process
Inferior articular process

When the cartilage between two vertebrae gets degeneration, then it is called lumbar spondylosis or lumbago, or backache. But lumbago and backache are not the same as spondylosis. Spondylosis is related to degeneration, but lumbago or backache can be happened by other means. Spondylosis may be the one cause.

In this disease, lumbago and backache are common, along with restricted movements. It is very common in elderly people when calcium metabolism in the body is less.

Women are more commonly affected rather than males. Because after menopause, the estrogen level will get very low due to the absence of ovulation. A great role of estrogen is calcium metabolism, another source is parathyroid glands, which help in calcium metabolism by releasing the calcitonin hormone.

Symptoms / Signs

A very tall person is frequently affected, rather than short stature.

We ignore this pain, when it is mild, we take some painkillers or massages or medicines from quacks.

If we take immediate precautions and take it seriously, it can be under control and might be recovered for many years.

Those peoples do service on a chair for a long time, they can be affected by cervical spondylitis or lumber spondylitis. (spondylitis is an inflammatory condition that can be cured, and spondylosis is a degenerative condition, which can be recovered or under control).

It gives pain with restricted movements when it is in an advanced stage.

The patient complained of pain in the back for some days, even months, and restricted bending forward or backward or side ward.

Sometimes listening to a cracking sound from outside.

Is lumber spondylosis a serious problem?

Because, if our movement will restrict day by day and feel pain for a little movement, that can hamper daily life. This disease is an indication of your next degeneration of other parts or joints. So, if we manage as early as possible, it can be suspended for a long time.


Foremost, have to regulate foods, we must take those foods, which have abundant calcium, such as little fish, milk, any dairy product, spinach, and other vegetables.
Regular freehand exercise must help to restrict spondylosis.
Some physiotherapy exercises can be helpful to more extents.
Can use waist support, which can be bought from the market easily.
Avoid lifting heavyweight.
A cold compress can be helpful where a massive pain.
If pain is massive, avoid frequent movements, which can be enhanced in pain more.

Homeopathic medicines / Treatment

Bryonia: This medicine is a good one when the patient feels better on rest and worsens in movement. Thirsty and dryness is the keynote symptom of this remedy. Pain better on pressure and hot.

Rhus tox: In this medicine, the patient can not stay in one place, must move side ward. Because pain feels better on movements. This medicine is also thirsty, but dryness is not like Bryonia. But the patient feels better under pressure also.

Ruta: Very good medicine on inflammatory ligaments and joints. This medicine can restrict the degeneration of joints further.

Calcarea Phos: It is called Homeopathic calcium. Good for any bone disease.

Symphytum: Only medicine, which has a healing effect. It can be recovered very quickly. The patient can not touch on painful region.

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