Why medicines are stronger than natural disease ?

medicines are stronger than natural disease

Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

The medicinal powers are found to be stronger than the natural disease because of the following reasons:

I) Medicine acts unconditionally

The medicines act unconditionally in the body that is, they do not require any pre-condition for their action. Diseases on the other hand are always conditional happenings and sometimes very conditional. We have learned from aphorism 31 of Organon of Medicine that "the inimical forces, partly psychical, partly physical to which our terrestrial existence is exposed, which are termed morbific the toxic chemicals that do not have the opportunity to be painful, interfere with the protection of human health, especially his."

Disease forces can make a person sick only if he is abnormally susceptible. They always require some suitable predisposing circumstances which weaken the vital force. When the vital force is weakened the disease forces affect the organism without any obstacle. This exposure to noxious inimical forces (maybe some exciting or maintaining causes etc.). So disease forces do not produce disease in everyone, not at all times. The sufficiently disposed and susceptible persons are the only disease, whereas medicines act-

a) At all time: Medicinal action takes place irrespective of time, hour, and season. They can act at any time of the season, at any hour of the day, whereas many of the diseases have some particular affinity for a particular season or time.

1) Cholera, dysentery, etc. generally occur in the summer season
2) Rheumatism and gout usually in the rainy season
3) Respiratory troubles common in the winter season.

b) Under all circumstances: Medicines act under all circumstances - socio-economic conditions, hygiene, environmental conditions, habits, etc. have o influence on the action of medicines. They do not need any special conditions for their actions.
But diseases require certain predisposing factors and also surrounding circumstances. Unless certain conditions are fulfilled a disease cannot occur. For instance, a regulated mode of life and obeying rules of hygiene will prevent many diseases. But this is not the case with medicines. They act freely and unconditionally and thus can be used everywhere to combat diseases.

c) On every living individual: They act on every living individual. But diseases cannot attack every person which is evident by the fact that in an epidemic every person of the locality, even every member of a family is not attacked by disease prevailing. But when a medicine is proved on many persons each of them will produce symptoms according to the nature of the drug.

II) Regulation of dose is in our hand

Medicines are stronger than diseases because the dose can be regulated by the physician. A physician can increase or decrease the quantity and quality as his need.

III) Medicines prevent diseases

The next important quality which goes in favor of medicines is their capability of preventing diseases.

Example: Dr. Hahnemann writes that children who took Belladonna in small doses did not suffer from Scarlet fever which was epidemic in Konigslutter in the year 1801.
It proves that medicine is superior and stronger than a natural disease because if the medicine is not stronger it cannot prevent disease.

IV) Medicines cure, palliate and suppress natural diseases

Since antiquity drugs have been used to cure, palliate, and suppress diseases. It shows definitely that the medicines are the stronger and that is why they cure, palliate or suppress natural disease. In case of inferiority and weakness of medicine cure or palliation or suppression is not possible.


Why medicines are stronger!

Medicine acts unconditionally

-At all time
-Under all circumstances
-On every living individual

Regulation of dose is in our hand

Medicines prevent diseases

Medicines cure, palliate and suppress natural diseases.

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