Uranium Nitricum - Dose

Uranium Nitricum

Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Causes glycosuria and increased micturition. Is known to deliver nephritis, diabetes, degeneration of the liver, hypertension, and dropsy. Its helpful feature is incredible skinniness, weakness, and inclination to ascites and general dropsy. Spinal pain and postponed menses. Dry mouth and skin. 

Head: Much temperament; dull pain. Nostrils sore, with the purulent, bitter release. Depression. 

Eyes:  Lids aroused and agglutinated; eye blisters. 

Stomach: Excessive thirst; sickness; regurgitating. Eager hunger; eating followed by a fart. Exhausting agony in the pyloric part of the stomach. Gastric and duodenal ulcers. Consuming agony. Mid-region swelled. Gas, second just to Lycopodium. 

Urinary:  Copious micturition. Diuresis. Incontinence of micturition. Diabetes. Emaciation and tympanites. Consuming in the urethra, with corrosive urine. Incapable to hold urine without pain. Enuresis (Mullein oil). 

Male:  Complete impotency, with nighttime outflows. Organs chilly, loose damp with sweat. 

Relationship:  Compare: Syzygium; Phos ac; Lact ac; Arg nit; Kali bich; Ars; Phloridzin (a glucosidal rule got from the bark of the foundation of the apple and other organic product trees. Produces diabetes and greasy degeneration of the liver; discontinuous fever. Every day portions, 15 grains. Phlorizin causes glycosuria. No hyperglycemia results. It forces the secretory epithelium of the kidney to separate serum egg whites into sugar. There is no expansion in glucose). 

Potency and dose: 2nd and 3rd trituration.

In diabetes Mellitus, this medicine is a great contributor. 5 mg of 2X potency twice daily before breakfast and evening until comes into the normal range.

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