PARKINSONISM: Expert Homeopathy, Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty


INTRODUCTION (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

This is a syndrome comprising an involuntary tremulous motion, with lessened muscular power, in parts not in action and even when supported., with a propensity to bend the trunk forward and just pass away the place, the senses and therefore the intellects being uninjured.

This is a progressive systema nervosum disorder that affects movement or a patient's posture. This condition starts gradually or slowly, age generally between 45 to 65 years mostly. In the preliminary stages of paralysis agitans, the face may show little or no expression. hand and legs not may or might not show abnormal movement, speech may slur a touch, worsen gradually and take time.

  1. Atherosclerotic parkinsonism
  2. Post encephalitic parkinsonism
  3. It is actually dopamine disorder, it's a neurotransmitter.
  4. Due to some drugs
  5. Besides, Trauma, Syphilis, Cerebral tumors, etc.

  1. Firstly slowness of all motor movements
  2. Tremor is present at rest and disappears during the voluntary movement
  3. Tongue and closed eyelids can also be tremulous.
  4. A fine tremor in hands
  5. Cogwheel rigidity
  6. Fastinant gait
  7. There is no sensory loss and typically no tendon jerks are altered
  8. Cramps and muscles pain is common for this disease
  9. The face may losses its expression
  10. The patient walks like a Buddhist, but if any emergency will come nearby then walks like a normal person.
  11. There is also fatigue
  12. Blood pressure changes
  13. Sexual dysfunction may even see

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Maintain optimum general health
  3. Emotional support
  4. Care to patient

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

GELSEMIUM 200: This is very useful medicine, one dose twice daily morning and evening to continue

Cuprum met200: Another good medicine, one dose twice daily before lunch and dinner

AGARICUS, CONIUM, PLUMBUM MET also is an honest medicine

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