Pains: Definition, Growing pain

Growing pain

For pains, in a particular part of the body or an organ, and a sensation along the nerve root or pain pathway to travel in the brain.

Types of pain (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Peoples are very eager to know the types or variety of pains.

The most common types of pain are:

  1. Pain in acute form
  2. Pain in chronic form
  3. Neurological Pain
  4. Radicular pain

How do pains travel or grow?

Despite years of research, questions still remain about exactly what happens between the moment you stop on a nail and the moment you say "ouch". The scientists are scrambling to answer these questions in their quest for new pain relief.

1) Receptors at the end of nerves in the skin, muscles, bone, blood vessels, and internal organs detect a potentially harmful stimulus.

2) The message of pain in the form of electrical impulses travels through a muscle to the spine.

3) The pain message enters the dorsal horn, where the peripheral nerve releases chemical transmitters that activate a number of nerve cells in the spinal cord.

4) The spinal cord processes the information and transmits it to the brain via other nerve cells. The spinal cord usually sends a signal to the muscles to enter, removing the limb from pain.

5) The message is forwarded to several specialized regions of the brain that control physical sensation, emotional feeling, and thinking.

Diagnosis of growing pain

Growing pain is diagnosed by determining all the other causes of leg pain. Other health problems that can cause leg pain include:
rheumatoid arthritis - a disease that affects the joints of the body
infections like osteomyelitis
problems affecting the way muscles work together - such as knocking on the knees and extremely flat feet.
you have severe pain or pain that affects only one leg (or arm), or if the pain is still present during the day
You are unwell or has a fever, does not want to eat, or has pimples
swelling, redness, or tenderness of the leg or arm
or limbs.

Philanthropic pain

It is not physical pain, rather it is the pain of the mind to discover or invention anything. Most of the scientist or philanthropist is suffering from this type of pain. When they do think about some inventions, then thinking converts into physical pains like headache or backache, etc. This is a virtual pain. Only acquired by themselves.

Some characteristic features of pains of homeopathic medicines (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Acidum Flour: Pains like electric shocks.

Aconitum napellus: Pains are accompanied by numbness.

Aesculus hip: Pains with the sensation of fulness.

Agaricus mus: Neurotic pains as if cold needles are running in nerves.

Ammonium carb: Pains in bones.

Aranea diad: Pain in the bones of extremities and heels.

Arsenicum album: Pains are burning

Belladonna: Pains are throbbing or pulsating in character.

Bryonia alba: Pains are sharp, cutting, and stitching.

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