Health is in your nails !

Health is in your nails

Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Nails are part of the body and act as a mirror of internal expression outwardly. Knowing nail abnormality can detect vital diseases in the body. We do not know, what is going on in the internal part of the body, but when we found damage or disease expression vigorously, then we worried and go to a physician and do massive investigations for confirmation.

But sometimes it can be late to recover and goes to pathological changes.

Nails are the dead cells in our body but can give you a great pre-information of your internal visceral abnormality. We are sometimes surprised, how the nail's color or types of nails are changed! We ignore it, but if you pay attention to it, or take advice from your educated physician, you will see the Mistry, which is already happening in your innocent body.

Doctor, I don’t know why my nails suddenly turned black recently. The teacher thought I had painted black nail polish and asked me to wipe it off. It is really embarrassing!

The darkening of your nails reflects the deterioration of your health. You have to pay special attention to the liver. If you ignore it, there will be lesions. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" once pointed out: "The blood of the liver, the main tendons... the flower is in the claws." Claws are nails, and a small piece of the nail can reflect the health of the liver. Insufficient liver blood, the limbs are not getting enough nutrients. The nail is the farthest from the heart and has the least amount of blood, so it will appear stasis black.

The normal nail color should be slightly pink. If the nails are too white, it shows signs of anemia. According to Old medical wisdom for thousands of years, if the nails have white spots, it means that the liver and kidneys are insufficiencies; if the nails are pitted, it is a sign of nervous weakness; if the fingers have barbs, most of them Excessive heartburn, restless sleep, short nails, easy breakage, or black knuckles, all indicate poor liver function.

You should always pay attention to every subtle change in your body, as a kind of vigilance and an indicator. When your nails gradually turn from black to red, you know that your body is recovering.

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