Homeo medicine equivalent to oxygen?

Frist of all we have to know, there are many system for recovering the patient by any means.

Following steps are maintain for the patient 

Admission: admission in health care center if necessary.

Management: providing necessary management such as moist oxygen, saline drip, blood, liquid food through nasogastric tube (as per patient's requirements).Besides, if there is any injury by any means, repair as per requirement

Probable diagnosis: patient has to admit on the basis of probable diagnosis by taking history and on present condition

Parameters: when patient comes to clinic or for health center, parameters should be check like Blood Pressure, Pulse, Heart sound, Chest condition by auscultation, Tongue, Reflexes etc.

Medicine: medicine is to be given as per patient's condition or requirement for quick recovery or cure

Investigation: if necessary, investigation should be given to reveal out the exact cause and for confirmed diagnosis also.

So these are the steps for any patient from healthcare provider.

So we come to understand that, oxygen is not a medicine, it is a 'life sever' and keeps under management in all pathies.

Homeo medicine can combat with present situation where oxygen lack of.

No medicine in any pathy can provide oxygen synonymously. It is totally under management where it can be needed as per requirement.

If you want, can increase hemoglobin by medicine, which is conveyer of oxygen. More hemoglobin sentenced to more oxygen. 

Homeopathic medicine

Aspidosperma Q

15 drops with half cup of water at 10 minutes interval for two such increase O2 level as per condition

Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X

6 tabs along with Aspidosperma in same manner

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