Achalasia Cardia And Homeopathy

Achalasia Cardia or cardiac spasm


It is a disorder of esophagus characterized by failure of relaxation of cardiac lower esophageal sphincter due to degeneration of Auerbach's plexus ( postganglinoic cholenergic innervation)

Unknown or congenital.

Starts gradually and intermittently, later on becomes permanent
Initially difficult is more with liquids
Patient points out the site of the obstruction behind the sternum
Regurgitation of food:
Regurgitation of food immediately after swallowing
At later stages food is retained long due to dilation of lower part of esophagus and regurgitation occurs after long intervals

Homeopathic Medicine
Arsenic Album: Here in medicine the symptoms like dyspepsia, heartburn or burning sensation in throat, and dysphagia. Patient swallows anything seems to lodge in the esophageal pit or pit of stomach.
Baptisia: Here in this medicine the symptoms with dyspepsia and dysphagia accompanied muscular pain sometimes. The patient can swallow only liquids and often vomits due to constriction of esophagus and does not eat solid foods.
Ignatia: Patient feels a lump like sensation within the throat that resists swallow of foods. Difficulty in swallowing with tendency to choke. Patient feels better when swallowing hard foods. This medicine is the key remedy in homeopathic treatment for Achalasia Cardia but constitutional treatment is needed.
Asafoetida: Probably it is a most indicative medicine  for spasmodic contraction of esophagus and stomach with reversed peristalsis. Globus hystericus is a nervous condition where sensation of a ball rising in throat for many days with a sense as if esophagus were driven from stomach to throat.

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