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Vocal nodules


The vocal nodules are seen callous type hard growths on vocal cords. Somebody suffers from this type of condition.
Vocal Cords can call Vocal Folds are two elastic strings on the larynx. It helps in generating human speech. The vocal Nodules are usually present on both vocal cords. Persistent overuse (abuse) of voice may result within the event of these Vocal Nodules. Though they're benign (non-cancerous) they're going to cause significant trouble.
The vocal nodules generally appear on the junction of anterior 1/3 & posterior 2/3 of the vocal cord.
Defective use of voice & persistent overuse is quite common causes behind Vocal nodules. Vocal folds are very delicate structures and are vulnerable to get easily damaged.
Quick diagnosis ensures complete relief of symptoms with no possibility of complications. Homeopathy assures complete holistic treatment with no side effects.

Homeopathic medicine

SPONGIA TOSTA: It is a very good remedy for Vocal nodules with difficulty in swallowing. Swallows a small quantity of water with difficulty. Throat complaints better on lying down. must clear throat frequently. Throat complaints are worse from eating sweets.

CAPSICUM: Another good remedy for Vocal Nodules with constant, stitching pain within the throat. Burning & smarting in the throat. associated with gastric or rheumatic complaints. Swallowing solids or liquids is painful. Constant itching within the throat with a sensation of roughness. Constant desire to possess cold drinks but there is a sudden, agonizing pain within the throat during swallowing. For hoarseness in singers & preachers.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM: one of the foremost effective medicines for Vocal Nodules with thick tenacious mucus within the throat. Here the sensation as if a splinter has lodged within the throat. Cool drinks ameliorate. trying to find sweets is marked. Affections of the throat in smokers. Suits folks that are nervous, impulsive, hurried, timid, and anxious.

CALCAREA CARBONICA: it's an excellent medicine for Vocal Nodules with stitching pains on swallowing. Throbbing pains with sensation as if something is beginning. an excessive amount of perspiration especially on the head which wets the pillow. The vocal nodules in fat, fair, flabby people respond well to this remedy.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS: This medicine is an unprecedented medicine for Vocal Nodules in patients who are exhausted. Vocal Nodules because of ill effects of tobacco. It complaints from cold, damp weather, onions, sweets, fat foods, etc.

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