FUNGAL INFECTION: Expert Homeopathy


In our country infection is very common, because of the warm and humid climate in the tropic country. The mycosis is found to be more during the summer or hot season and rainy patchy seasons. These infections are very common fungal infections of the skin such as dermatomycoses or ringworm, candidiasis, and pityriasis Versicolor.


This is the principal normal mycosis of the skin brought about by the creature which has a place with any of the three genera specifically


Tinea Capitis

In this condition, the infection occurs on the scalp. It is rare in adults but very common in children or babies.
It can show a limited sort of incomplete alopecia related to tingling, erythema, and scaling. a few patients may present with localized, painful, boggy swelling. called kerion. In both these conditions, the hair inside the fix is dry, drab, weak, and broken at different lengths from the outside of the skin. Another cause is, the hair is broken to the extent of the skin surface producing alopecia on the surface. It presents as a localized area of loss of hair with many us discharge and crusting.

Tinea Barbae

At the point when the parasite includes the coarse hair of facial hair and mustache, it's named mouth fungus … It happens just in grown-up guys. It is introduced as red fiery papules or pustules related to exudation and crusting. The hairs are removed without pain and easily. If infections are mild, the area shows dry, circular, reddish, and scaly lesions with lusterless hair stumps which are broken on the brink of the surface of the skin...

Tinea Corporis

When the fungal infection on the trunk means chest and extremities is known as tinea corporis. It is manifested with severe itch, circular or irregular lesions that have well-defined dry or juicy borders consisting o papulo-vesicles while the central neighborhood of the lesions shows erythema, scaling, and sometimes hyperpigmentation.''


The patient ought to be urged to scour the planet with cleanser and water routinely.

If once tenia occurs, it is very difficult to eradicate. That's why should avoid synthetic clothes.


ACID CHRYSORBINUM 6 is a very good medicine to control this kind of disease.

BACILLINUM 200 is almost specific for this condition, use 2 drops under the tongue at 15 days intervals.

TELLURIUM 6 is another great medication for this sort of contamination. can take twice every day related to bacillinum..

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