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Infection of the skin by fungus is very common in our country due to warm and humid climate. The incidence of fungal infection is found to be more during summer and rainy seasons. The common fungal infections of the skin include dermatopytoses or ringworm, candidiasis and pityriasis versicolor.


This is the most common fungal infection of the skin caused by the organism which belong to any of the three genera namely 

  • Trichophyton
  • Microsporon
  • Epiderophyton

Tinea Capitis

When the infection occurs on the scalp, the term tinea capitis is used. It is very common in children but rarely seen in adults.
It can manifest as localised form of partial alopecia associated with itching, erythema, and scaling. A few patients may present with localised, painful, boggy swelling. called kerion. In both these conditions the hair in the patch are dry, lustreless, brittle and broken at varying lengths from the surgace of the skin. In another variety, the hair are broken at the level of the skin surface producing the alopecia. It presents as a localised area of loss of hair with plenty of us discharge and crusting.

Tinea Barbae

When the fungus involves the coarse hair of beard and moustache, it is named as tinea barnae... It occurs only in adult males. It presents as red inflammatory papules or pustules associated with exudation and crusting. Hair in the lesion become loose and can be removed without much pain. Less severe infections consists of dry, cifcular, reddish and scaly lesions with lustreless hair stumps which are broken close to the surface of te skin....

Tinea Corporis

Fungal infection of the trunk and extremities is called tinea corporis. It manifests in the form of severely itchy, circular or irregular lesion which have wel defined active borders consisting o papulo vesicles while the central part of the lesions shows erythema, scaling and occasionally hyperpigmentation.''


The patient should be encouraged to clean the area with soap and water regularly..

Those who have tinea cruris of tinea pedis , should aviod using terylene or nylone cloths at least during summer season.


ACID CHRYSORBINUM 6 is a great medicine for these type of fungal infection.

BACILLINUM 200 one dose at 15 days interval

TELLURIUM 6  another good medicine for these type of infection. can take twice daily along with bacillinum..

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