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Fibroadenoma could also be a standard non-cancerous tumor or lump of the breast. So the name suggests, Fibroadenoma consists of fibrous and glandular (adenomatous) tissue. Any age is often affected.

It is usually a firm, smooth, well-defined, mostly painless lump in the breast which is certainly movable within the breast. Its size may vary from small to big and definite round-shaped and capsule. It’s getting to be one or multiple. Fibroadenoma could even be present in one or both breasts.

Fibro adenomas seem to be affected by sex hormones especially estrogen, hence it's normal in women of childbearing age. It regresses automatically after menopause because of the low level of estrogen. Though rare, it is often seen in menopausal women on Hormonal Replacement therapy. The exact causes behind Fibroadenoma of breasts are unknown.
Fibroadenomas are benign, they're going to distort breast shape if very big in size. This may cause cosmetic concern in an affected woman. Such a situation can cause low self-worth and poor confidence. Also sometimes supported their locations, they're going to put pressure on surrounding nerves causing pain.

Most cases of fibroadenoma don't increase the danger of carcinoma but yet sometimes in some fibroadenomas, there is often rapid tissue change resulting in the tendency to malignancy. It becomes a matter of much concern when the size increases.

Living under constant fear of getting cancer, albeit your lump is diagnosed benign is often quite taxing. This may leave a negative impact on your physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Women with fibroadenoma can experience considerable psychological distress, financial burden, and further health complications because of intense anxiety and fear with regard to detection of cancer.

Surgical removal may bring its own risks and complications. Here may come risks of anesthesia, distortion of breast shape, pain & bleeding after the operation, post-surgical infection, and scarring Moreover many cases recur even after successful surgery. That's why Homeopathic treatment for fibroadenoma of breast is a non-invasive yet powerful natural treatment that proves to be a boon for several women.

  1. USG of Breast
  2. Mammogram

  1. Do not rub
  2. Take Medicine
  3. Do not leave untreated
Homeopathic Medicine

CALCAREA FLUORICA 30X, 200: one of the only remedies for Fibroadenoma Breast for solitary, hard, movable, well-defined breast lumps. Ambi-thermal. Violent, aggressive, and obese women with degenerative changes within the joints. It is often used for any kind of solid hard tumor also.
CALCAREA CARBONICA 200: Excellent medicine for Fibroadenoma of Breast in obese women who are tired, anxious, and perspire profusely. Good for calcification of fibroadenomas and also for his or her inflammatory condition. The breast swells and becomes tender before menses. Lumps that are hard, nodular, and tender to the touch are well treated by this medicine. Acts well in breast lumps of young teenagers who are pale, chilly, and sensitive to weather. Confused, depressed, and sad women with breast lumps. It is often used for obese and thin women.
IODUM 200: Very good medicine for all kinds of breast lumps. The breast is inflamed, hard, enlarged, and nodular. Here are the causes of malabsorption that make the patient emaciated and weak. Here the patient is the week he wants to eat all the time. Eating well still emaciates. The patient is extremely hot. The patient takes food much but cachectic.
PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA 6,200: it's another good medicine for Fibroadenoma. It is often utilized in both new and old cases. Preferably altogether kinds of breast tumor it's utilized in the first stage
NB: Medicine should be used under the physician's supervision.


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