School age problem!

School age period may be a Start-mark during a young child's life. It is the primary milestone for school-age children and the way to handle such issues we've to understand . Sleep problems, Bladder control and bullying are the some issues arise during School-age period...Most illness and injuries that arise during school time. So school management takes an enormous role with the small child.

It is a defect in speech characterized by hesitation or stumbling repetition of some syllables with pauses. there's difficulty in pronouncing the initial consonants and it's caused by the spasm of lingual and palatal muscles..

It shows a point of repetition and hesitation in their speech at some period of youth . it always begins between 3- 5 years, a period during which there's non-fluency of speech. the oldsters or playmates, who remind the kid of his stumbling speech or ridicule him, aggravate his emotional stress.
as a result he loses his self-worth .


The Parents of a toddler with primary stuttering should be reassured and advised that stuttering during the phase of non fluent speech between 3-5 years aged will pass off.
Speech therapy
The stuttering children aren't people and their IQ could also be above average.
Older children with secondary stuttering should tend emotional support


Some child may develop habit of eating normally inedible substances like the dry paint, wall plaster, mud etc.. So got to careful during this era .


Some child may suddenly awaken after a daunting nightmare, night walking, somniloquy or drama . So keep your hand on your child during sleep, if you see such events.


It is the common feature for child, some children empty the bladder involuntarily and wet the bed at an age beyond which the sphincter control is generally developed. it's defined as Enuresis.

It may be a manifestation of subconscious state during which enuresis often features a psychological basis.
Excessively enthusiastic attempts at toilet training by the oldsters or emotional disturbances within the child
Due to worm infestation


Some child may show antisocial behavior, like destructive attitude, cruelty to animal, stealing or fights..
So got to manage them by soft behavior, and say them, this is often not fare and it's going to bring harm to them.


About 20% of youngsters in class have difficulties in learning academic skills like writing, reading , spelling or arithmetic. Although they need a bear normal intelligence, which are often an impact , instead of the explanation for learning disorder .


There are many other events which may affect during school-age period, like Abstract thinking, Lack of Attention, Impulsive, Disorder of fine motor adaptive development, confusion etc.

Parents have patients on these such sorts of behavior.. Mind it torturing or showing fear isn't an answer . Child is your own and take him/her carefully and softly.


For Stumbling / Hesitation - BOVISTA 30 one dose twice daily for 3 days
STRAMONIUM 30 in same manner
For Inedible substances eating - CINA 6 / CALC. CARB 30 one dose twice daily for 7 days
FERRUM PHOS 6X, CALC.PHOS 6X in same manner
For Enuresis - CINA 6 one dose twice daily for 10 days
BELLADONNA 6 , EQUISITUM 6 in same manner
For Cruelty - ABROTANUM 6 one dose twice daily for 7 days

NB: Physician's consultation is usually got priority.

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