Mood Disorder - Classification, Unipolar, Bipolar

** How Homeopathy Can Help You With Mood Disorders?**

Mood disorder

Mood disorders are characterized by affective disorder within the patient and are of various kinds. This further results in disruption in physical, social and thought processes in a private. The 2 major mood disorders are mania and depression. Just in case of mania, the patient develops intense, unrealistic feelings, and in depression the patient becomes extremely sad and feels dejected. In some cases, an individual may experience both mania and depression, while in other cases, an individual only goes through depression.

Mood disorders are classified into two major categories:

Unipolar, where a patient experiences only depression.

Bipolar, where a patient experiences mania and depression at an equivalent time.
Homeopathic medicines used for treating mood disorders. Homeopathy works effectively on mood disorders and provides satisfactory results. There are several homeopathic medicines for mood disorders, which are prescribed on the idea of the causes of a particular mood disorder. Here may be a list of common homeopathic remedies for mood disorders and once they are used:

Anacardium: it's utilized in curing mood disorders where the patient talks foolish and imagines foolish, baseless things. The patient goes irritable and quarrelsome as he loses self-confidence. Stupidity and childishness are indicated. The patient laughs on serious matters and seems like having a dual personality.

Belladonna: Belladonna is employed to treat mood disorders, which fall into the category of mania. The patient s will power gets deranged, develops extra sexual excitement, and talks without sense. The patient becomes wild and offends others with none of reason. He seems like touching every one and objects around and uses offensive language.
Stramonium: This medicine is employed in mood disorders where a patient develops weird ideas, talks with imaginary friends, becomes unclean and unhygienic and experiences fear.

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