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Varicose Vein


Dilation and Tortuation are named varicosity of the vein. That means when a vein got inflate then it changes its direction but not the target. Actually, the vein is formed by two layers one is TUNICA INTERNA and another is TUNICA EXTERNA where in artery gets an extra layer called TUNICA ADVENSIA OR MEDIA. So tortuation doesn't see in artery thanks to thickness.


Varicosity occurs for the long-standing obstruction of venous return to anti-gravitation.
Actually heavy work where muscular pumping occurs frequently and therefore the result of exertion of the group of muscles, but other side muscle can't pump again and blood stag repeatedly within the vein, if it's happened for few months even years then occurs this condition. Long-standing mainly sufferers Traffic police, long exercise mainly sufferers pedicab drivers or workers.


When it occurs in the leg, take your leg raise just provides a pillow under the legs it helps in venous return, mostly, the pain gets severe in the dark.

Investigation and Operation

The confirmatory test is BRODITENDELENBERG'S test and operation within the same name, just in the case of legs. When it tastes then it's called VARICOCIL, the operation is PALAMO operation.

When it occurs in the hemorrhoidal vein then it's called HAEMARROID or PILES, the operation is HAEMAROIDECTOMY it's going to flow from the Hepatic or Splenetic venous engorgement.

When seeing this varicosity in the carotid vein at the neck, then it indicates CCE or CHF or congestive coronary failure.
Blood Pressure, ECG, ECHO (3D DOPPLER), and Lipid profile should be measured just in case of carotid varicosity, mind it, this varicosity in reference to the heart doesn't give pain rather pain feels in the heart region sometimes. And in other cases BP should be measured. Don't worry, if you're taking treatment and management at the right time, it's curable.

Probable Medicines

Main Medicine is HAMAMELIS VERGINIANA 6, APIS MELLIFICA 30, and lots of others.
Constitutional treatment is usually getting priority.


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