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Urinary System

The human kidneys are bean-shaped paired organs situated just behind the vertebral column in the abdomen at the twelfth thoracic to third lumbar segment.

Parts of the urinary system
  1. Kidneys
  2. Ureters
  3. Bladder
  4. Urethra

Function with description little bit

Kidney: It has a filtration bed named glomerulus, which filtrates the execratory products from water and reviews back to the body, and maintains water balance.

Ureters: It is the connector of the kidney and bladder. It gives a colicky pain when a stone or any pathology is in it.

Bladder: The bladder is a container of urine storage. It has two splinters a) Internal b) External
when the volume of urine is more than 500cc is stored in the bladder then the internal splinter gives information to the external splinter to open up, and in this way, the execratory products come outside.

Urethra: It is the way to excrete the urine outside the body.

The urinary system is a large system and patients suffer from different types of urinary problems. here I reveal a medicine which is proved best action on the urinary system.

Burning sensation during urination/Bad smell/Urination on the bed of adult – Medorrhinum 200 one dose in every morning in empty stomach for first 5 days then take accordingly

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