Sensory system is the exceptionally significant association which controls and incorporates the diverse substantial capacities and in like manner keeps a solidness or consistency of the inside climate regardless of outrageous change is the external environment. The part of the sensory system relies on an unpredictable transaction of various powerful cooperation or administrative responses.

Histogenesis of nerve tissue

The germinal cells are differentiated from the outer part of the colummnar or nuclear layer and them further differentiated along tow different lines
Neural cells
glial cells

Parts of brain
  1. Medulla
  2. Pons
  3. Cerebellum
  4. Midbrain
  5. Geniculate bodies
  6. Cerebrum
  7. Thalamus
  8. Basal ganglia
  9. Hypothalamus

Blood supply

Brain with very rich blood supply. The average blood flow of normal subjects in resting condition is 54ml per 100gms of brain tissue per minute. Taking the weight of brain as 1400gms, the total cerebral blood flow is 450ml or above per minute.

Homeopathic medicine for two nervous events

Pain in Head/Migraine – Aurum Met 200 twice in a week until cure

Trembling of Hand – Gelsemium 200 one dose twice in a week

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