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The lung is a very essential organ of our body, but we misuse this organ in different ways and the result is below...

There are many lung diseases notable, I have just given a medicine related to a very common condition which mostly affects the lung and comes to my clinic as well.

But remember, homeopathy is based on constitutional treatment and that's why medicine may be change person to person as per individualization. The most common medicine which is used for the below condition publishes here.

Besides, many other lung conditions are notable, this medicine might not be suitable there.
Asthma/Cough in chest/Common cough/Cold Bryonia Alba 30 one dose twice daily...

This medicine is very helpful for any type of lung condition. But taking any type of medicine, justification and proper diagnosis is to be needed.

Your lungs are part of a complex, flexible, relaxing system thousands of times a day to deliver oxygen and send carbon dioxide. Lung disease can occur when there are problems in any part of the program.

Lung Diseases Affecting Airways
Your branches of the trachea become bronchial tubes, and these are the small tubes in your lungs.

There are some diseases like:

Asthma. Your airways are constantly burning and may explode, causing shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Allergies, diseases, or contamination can cause asthma symptoms.

Chronic pulmonary disease (COPD). With this condition of the lungs, you are unable to exhale as you normally would, causing respiratory problems.

Chronic bronchitis. This form of COPD brings a long-lasting wet cough.

Emphysema. Lung damage allows air to get trapped in your lungs in this form of COPD. Exhalation problem is a symptom of it.

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