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Diaper Dermatitis

It is a very common condition for newborn baby. A form of irritant contact dermatitis, Diaper Dermatitis, affects the area of skin which comes at contact of napkin or diaper. Cloth nappies are more likely to cause it. Though, it affects babies who wear napkins, but occasionally may affect adults and children who suffer from urinary or faecal incontinence & use diapers.

It is also known as Napkin Dermatitis/ Nappy rash/ Diaper rash/ Irritant Diaper Dermatitis/ Generic rash. Diaper dermatitis can be diaper associated or non diaper associated. Skin of babies, mostly of age group 9-12 months, which comes under the contact of diaper, gets easily affected because it is very tender and soft. Risk of Diaper dermatitis is higher in immune compromised patients.
Diaper Dermatitis can be extremely terrible and irritating condition which can make your bundle of joy irritable, fussy and frustrated.

·        GRAPHITES: Good remedy for Diaper dermatitis where skin is extremely dry, cracked, red, scaly and itchy. Sticky discharge from crusty looking skin.

·        MEDORRHINUM: Excellent for diaper dermatitis where skin looks red, shiny and painful rashes in restless and oversensitive babies.

·        Borax: Babies cry, scream, before nursing or before passing stool or urine. Skin-Dry skin, inflamed.

·        CANTHARIS: Extremely suitable remedy for Diaper Dermatitis where skin looks beefy red, scaly, scalded etc. Red, hot and painful blisters. Cold water and touch aggravates the skin condition.

·        HEPAR SULPHURICUM: Good remedy for napkin rashes in highly sensitive tender skin in babies who are chilly and likes warm things. Rashes with pus formation which smells foul.

·        PETROLEUM: Remedy for diaper rashes for raw and sensitive skin around genitalia. Cracked skin with bleeding.

·        SILICEA: Marked remedy for skin where every little injury suppurates, with offensive pus in it. For fever in Diaper Dermatitis with creepy shivering over whole body.

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